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Ulric (Wolfrun in the original Japanese version), is one of the main antagonists in Glitter Force.

Along with Brute and Brooha, he is one of the three former commanders of The Shadow Realm.

His appearance is that of a wolf and his character is probably based on the Big Bad Wolf from fairy tales like The Three Little Pigs, Little Red Riding Hood and The Wolf and the Seven Young Kids.



Ulric resembles an anthropomorphic gray wolf wearing a blue leather biker's outfit. He has violet eyes, a dark gray nose, and has long white hair and a white bushy tail. He wears a blue, sleeveless outfit with a high collar and chunky belt.


As Ricky, he has an arctic blue body, a cape-like collar and a white bushy tail. His hair has become shorter. His eyelids have blueish eye markings and beneath his eyes are blush cheek marks. His forehead has a three pointed star marking.


Ulric is easy-going and cocky when he does his work. He is sometimes very impatient when he is provoked, easily getting enraged, especially during fierce battles. Outside of his mission to collect negative energy, he appears to be quite careless and laid-back. Claiming to be a lone wolf and can't stand the thought of happiness, he has an arch-rivalry with Glitter Lucky.


  • Shadow Realm Generls - Although he stated that he would rather be alone at one point, Wolfrun doesn't seem to mind the company of his fellow commanders. In fact, he and Brute once played games with his action figures. They often get into petty squabbles though, such as arguing with Brooha about the candy she gave him. Every time Rascal arranged a new plan, he's usually the one to try it out first.
  • Glitter Lucky - Because of their different beliefs and the two being opposites of each other, Ulric has an intense rivalry with Lucky. He hated her for how things haven't gone well for him since their first encounter and the fact she stands for everything he finds useless such as kindness, hope and being around others.


Ulric was originally a pixie named Ricky, but as the wolf who played the role of a fairy tale villain, he was mistreated by the other fairy tale creatures, until Rascal turned him into Ulric to serve Nogo.

Ulric is the first one to attack the Glitter Force. After two episodes, Brute took over, and after all of the Glitter Force had awakened, Ulric, Brute, and Brooha would either take turns attacking the Glitter Force and gathering dark energy for Nogo, or else attack together. He seems to use the most Twilight Buffoons.

He is once responsible for throwing away one of Brooha's inventions, when he throws away both of her invisibility cameras.

In Episode 20, he fights Glitter Sunny, who defeats him, though he survives. He later specifically chooses her to get revenge for this when he decides to attack her while she's separated from the others.

In Episode 37, he is purified by Glitter Lucky and turned back into Ricky.


By smearing black paint onto a blank book, Ulric can cast an unhappy ending spell that casts an aura of darkness onto the world. This aura causes people (and occasionally bugs or pixies) to lose their will to live and emit Negative Energy, which he can collect and store in the Wheel of Doom to help revive Nogo.

Ulric can also use various types of noses to create monsters called Buffoons to attack the Glitter Force. Despite primarily relying on Buffoons for combat, Ulric is a strong fighter on his own, as shown in Episode 20 and Episode 37.


In one episode of the Japanese version, Wolfrun bought a book full of names and has his name on here (not knowing why it exists in there). His name means "Impatient, Violent, Liar" and "No one loves him so he loves no one back". It really bears his personality. His name also is a pun of his nature as a wolf.

The name Ulric is both an English and a Teutonic baby name. In English, Ulric means "wolf ruler," while the Teutonic meaning for Ulric is "noble ruler."


  • Ulric shares his English voice actor with Brute and Rascal.



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