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Sparkle Lightning, known in Japan as Peace Thunder (ピースサンダー Pīsu Sandā), is Glitter Peace's first individual attack, which first appeared in Episode 3 of Glitter Force. To use the attack, Glitter Peace must have her Glitter Pact.


Sparkle Lightning

Glitter Peace first charges up her Glitter Pact with fighting spirit, making it glow and granting her power. She then makes a peace sign high above her head, and lightning shoots down onto it. She then spins around with the lightning bolts circling her, concentrating the energy into both hands. Finally, she forms peace signs with her hands and thrusts them out, shooting a beam of lightning at her target.



Glitter Peace: Glitter Force Sparkle Lightning!


Cure Peace: プリキュアピースサンダー!


Cure Peace: Purikyua Pīsu Sandā!


Cure Peace: Pretty Cure Peace Thunder!


  • The slight difference between Sparkle Lightning and Sparkle Lightning Hurricane is that the lightning in Sparkle Lightning is a dim shade of yellow while Sparkle Lightning Hurricane's is a bright shade of yellow.
    • Also, the energy only shoots down onto her peace sign in Sparkle Lightning but in Sparkle Lightning Hurricane the lightning covers her entirely.
    • Additionally, Glitter Peace is shocked by the bolt in Sparkle Lightning, but not in Sparkle Lightning Hurricane.
  • When she receives the bolt in Sparkle Lightning, she usually flinches and lets out a soft scream, but in episode 19 (Japanese version and omitted from the dub), she can take the bolt without flinching and screaming.



Sparkle Lightning in Japanese

Sparkle Lightning in Japanese

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