Bad End Kingdom
The Shadow Realm, known in Japan as the Bad End Kingdom (バッドエンド王国 Baddo Endo ōkoku), is the evil organization and main antagonists of Glitter Force. Their leader is Emperor Nogo. Their goal is to revive Nogo and bring the worlds of Earth and Jubiland to an unhappy ending.


Prior to the series' beginning, the Shadow Realm invaded Jubiland, but Queen Euphoria used the Glitter Charms to protect Jubiland, however, Nogo stole them. She then used the remainder of her power to seal Nogo away, but that caused her to turn into a statue. Nogo then gave the Glitter Charms to his minions so they could use Bad Energy to revive him.

In the original Glitter Force, the shadow realm was meant to protect their missing Glitter Force member, , but then her blackness caused her membership to camouflage.