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Royal Rainbow Burst, (Ultra Rainbow Burst in the original Japanese version), is the third group purification attack in Glitter Force.

The Glitter Force and Candy perform it by using the power of the Phoenix. To use this attack, the Cures need to be in their Princess Forms and have their Princess Wands & Royal Clock. They first used this attack in Episode 7 (season 2).


After transforming into their Princess Forms, the Royal Clock appears and Glitter Lucky places the Royal Glitter Charm on it, spinning her finger on the rainbow colored panels to get it to work. Candy jumps on the pink button, causing the screen of the Royal Clock to ignite with gold light. The phoenix appears, and the Glitter Force ride their Pegasus' made of light and combine the power of the Princess Wands to form a large gold phoenix which fires a large burst of rainbow light at the opponent.



Princess Lucky: Summoning the power of the Royal Clock!

Candy: When you hear the chime, it's time for a happy ending! Ding!

Princess Lucky: Pink, orange, green, blue, yellow!

Princess Sunny, Peace, Spring, Breeze: Painting the sky with the colors of hope!

All: Phoenix Power Attack! Here we go! Royal Rainbow Burst!

Princess Lucky: Wands down, girls!

All: Another happy ending!


Princess Happy : 開け、ロイヤルクロック!

Candy: みんなの力一つにするクル!

Princess Happy:届け、希望の光!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: 羽ばたけ、光り輝く未来へ!

All: プリキュアロイヤルレインボーバースト!

Princess Happy: 輝く!

All: ハッピースマイル!


Princess Happy: Hirake, Roiyaru Kurokku!

Candy: Minna no chikara hitotsu ni suru kuru~!

Princess Happy: Todoke! Kibō no Hikari!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: Habatake hikari kagayuku mirai he!

All: Purikyua Roiyaru Reinbō Bāsuto!

Princess Happy: Kagayake!

All: Happī Sumairu!


Princess Happy: Open, Royal Clock!  

Candy: Make everyone's powers as one, kuru!  

Princess Happy: Deliver the light of hope!  

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: Fly into the future shining with light!  

All: Pretty Cure Royal Rainbow Burst!  

Princess Happy: Shine!

All: Happy Smile!