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Royal Lovely Straight Flush is the third group attack in Glitter Force Doki Doki, and the second to include all five Glitter Warriors. It requires the Glitter Harp and Dina. The attack is first used in Episode 10 (season 2 Doki Doki).


Glitter Heart strums the Glitter Harp. Then, Dina summons a magical, glowing heart, which causes the five Glitter Warriors to sprout wings. The girls arrange themselves into a magic circle. Then, Heart strums the Glitter Harp again. The group shouts the attack name, and a rainbow-colored beam is shot at the target. As the target is purified, symbols representing each of the five warriors (a heart, a diamond, a clover, a spade, and a letter "A") appear over it.


Glitter Heart: Activate Glitter Harp!
Dina: Dina dina!
Glitter Heart: Flying high!
Glitter Diamond: Touching the sky!
Glitter Clover: On the wings of friendship!
Glitter Spade: And love!
Glitter Heart, Diamond, Clover, Spade, Ace: Activate Royal Mode!
Glitter Heart, Diamond, Clover, Spade, Ace: Glitter Force Royal Lovely Straight Flush!



  • This episode never explains how the girls become able to perform Royal Lovely Straight Flush. This is explained, however, in episode 40 of the original Japanese version, which is cut from Glitter Force Doki Doki. In that episode, the girls' faith that Regina still has goodness in her heart grants them new Cure Loveads, allowing them to perform the attack.