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Regina is the secondary antagonist appearing in Glitter Force Doki Doki. She is the King Mercenare’s daughter and acts as his second in command. Over the course of the series, she strikes up a friendship with Maya.


Regina has long blonde hair that reaches down to her ankles, decorated with a red bow on the top of her head. She wears a dark grey dress decorated with red details and a black jacket.

When her evil outfit debuts after she was brainwashed by King Mercenare, her bow and details on her outfit are purple. Regina's eyes are normally blue, but when she is brainwashed or controlled by the red Royal Crystal, her eyes turn red. Her skin and hair even become pale once she is brainwashed.


Regina is selfish, vain, and spoiled. She treats everyone like peasants and hates anyone who is more beautiful than her. She threatens the Selfish Trio if they don't do what she wanted. She is also playful and tries to make Maya play with her.

At the end of the season, Regina is no longer evil and has become a friendlier person, despite still being a bit clingy.


  • Maya Aida: Following the previous battle from episode 11, she takes an interest in Maya and befriends her. Throughout the series, she is manipulative and possessive towards Maya, refusing to let her hang out with her other friends.
  • Natalie Miller: Both are sisters and rivals. Natalie is destined to fight Regina since they represent Princess Marie Angelica’s light and darkness. By the end of the season, they have made amends with each other.
  • King Mercenare: Regina's father. He continually brainwashes her as he refuses to let Regina join the Glitter Force.


If the R and the I are removed from Regina, and remaining letters were read from the end, it would be read as "Ange". Regina also means queen in Latin which foreshadows that she is part of Marie Angelica’s soul.


First Appearance

She first appears in Episode 9.

Meeting the Glitter Force and Befriending Mana

Because of her interest in Maya, Regina appeared once more while Maya was with her friends. Makenzie recognizes Regina and tells Maya not to befriend her, however, Maya walks away with Regina, which angers Makenzie. Regina drags Maya out of the school so they

can play. As they hang out, Regina tells Maya to forget about her friends, but Maya disagrees. Regina gets angry and creates a Distain to hurt Maya’s friends. Maya catches up and transforms into Glitter Heart to help defeat the Distain. After everything went back to normal, Regina wonders it means to be a real friend.

She properly meets the Glitter Force when she summons her first Distain. After watching them defeat her Distain, she formally introduces herself, even telling them she is King Mercenare’s daughter which upsets Glitter Spade. Regina then runs off with an interest in the Glitter Force, especially Maya.

The Crystals

Regina came up with a game to play with the Glitter Force, where the loser would have to hand over their crystals to the winner. Throughout the game Regina cheats and becomes upset when she realizes she lost. In one last desperate attempt, Regina creates a Distain to steal the crystals, which works as the Glitter Force go back home without them. Regina decides to appear in front of the girls with the crystals but she starts to talk, the crystals glow and fly away.

While searching for the crystals, Regina comes across the Glitter Force, in which Heart starts admitting her feelings towards her. Regina rejects Maya and summons a big snowball which Spade destroyed with Sparkle Sword. However, her attack also created a hole beneath Regina. As Regina fell, Heart grabs her hand, only to fall down with her. Regina wakes up in an ice cave to see the crystals in front of a frozen Marie Angelica. When Mana wakes up, they talk about her recent behavior when the other Glitter Force arrived. Before they could do anything, a Distain appeared which the Glitter Force easily defeated. But then Regina was taken away by the Bel, Ira and Marmo.

After stumbling across the Marie Angelica-like statue with Maya and her friends, Regina noticed a crystal on her chest. Taking an interest in it, Regina plucks the crystal off the statue, which in turns breaks the statue. As she admits to wanting to befriend Maya’s friends as well, the crystal glows, making her eyes turn red. This is has Regina ask for the remaining crystals. Angry that the girls wouldn't hand them over, Regina turns the statue's creator into a Distain. After a quick run in with Johnny, Regina leaves with the red crystal.

Going back to Splendorius

Glitter Heart begins to quickly climb but is told by Regina to stop. This was due to the rope beginning to break. Regina asks what she is to Gliter Heart, who replies that they're friends. Regina tells her about her feelings of Maya and Glitter Heart replies that what she feels is love. then a single tear falls on her cheek and she says 'Maya, I love you.' Regina then lets go of Glitter Heart and begins to fall into the magma, but Glitter Heart didn't want it to happen and she caught Regina with her feet. Regina, seeing this, then got better, and broke the bind placed on her magic and then flew into the sky with Glitter Heart. Then they got back and were fighting the Distain. The Glitter Force did their finishing attack, Togetherness Power Arrow, and the Distain were defeated. Johnny got the frozen Marie Angelica and everyone left. Regina came with the Glitter Force but she still thought of her father.

The Trio captured Regina and was taken to Splendorius. Regina got scolded by her father the King Mercenare and then got electrocuted by him because of her close relationship to a Glitter Force Warrior. The Glitter Force arrived and were fighting Distains. Then Glitter Heart saw that Regina was hurt. Glitter Heart arrived and helped her, then suddenly a spider Distain came and made a hole in which Glitter Heart and Regina were falling into. Glitter Heart then hung by a thread as Regina had her arms wrapped around her neck to hold on to Glitter Heart.

Becoming Evil Again

Then an illusion of the King Mercenare then suddenly came and engulfed her inside a giant black tornado to have a chat with her. He wanted her to come back to him and break all her bonds with the Glitter Force. Regina rejects initially, but he continues about all the pain she felt was caused by the Glitter Force. She still does not buy into it, so the King Mercenare zaps her dark lightning, turning her heart black with selfishness once again. Her usual red and black color scheme for her outfit turned into a black and purple one. The Glitter Force noticed her change in appearance and realized that the King Mercenare was controlling her. Regina fires away with her new found powers and completely dominates the Glitter Force until suddenly one of her attacks are stopped right in its tracks by a new mysterious warrior.

As Regina left her father, she became worried and had thoughts of being bad again. But Maya said not to worry. She then invited her to come to her house. She ate with Maya’s family, and she saw that Maya’s family was kind. Regina was elated to eat with her family, but at the same time, she felt a curious pain in her heart. While they were in Maya’s bedroom, they talked about her father, the King Mercenare. Then at bedtime, Maya and Regina slept together. The next day, Regina and the others went to the beach and played together. After they did fun things, the Trio suddenly came to attack the Glitter Force and take back Regina.

Glitter Ace's Arrival

As Regina saw Glitter Ace, she began attacking, however, she was no match for Ace, as Ace could dodge her attacks. Maya, seeing Regina get hurt by Ace, then started to cry. Finally, Ace almost purified Regina with Ace Shot. This attack made Regina weak, as she could not get up. Bel came and took her, but before she left, Maya came up to her. However, Regina suddenly began shouting at her and said that it was her fault for everything. Hearing this, Maya became disappointed at herself, and also began crying more. This made Ace confiscate her Glitter Charm. Glitter Ace told her once she knew how to act, she would get her Glitter Charm back. Meanwhile, the King Mercenare scolded the Trio and hired two new members while he put Regina in a coma-like state of sleep.

The Return of Regina

Regina awakens from her slumber. She then continued her role as a second in command of the trio. Later on, Regina pulled the Spear Of Light out. For the next few episodes, each of the Glitter Force attempted to bring her back to the good side, and each time they got close to doing so, she still remains evil. In episode 12 (season 2), she and Natalie revealed that they are light and darkness of Angelica. She chose to side with her father to conquer the earth. When Heart made her feelings reach Regina, her father attacked Heart but was protected by Regina. Heart, Ace, and Regina try to make King Mercenare remember love but he refused to listen.

The History of Regina and Natalie Revealed

Many years ago, Princess Marie Angelica fell ill to a terminal disease. Only the Golden Crown of Wisdom, one of the Three Sacred Treasures, had the knowledge to save her. However, the crown is being used to imprison the evil sealed away by the legendary Glitter Force. Desperate to save his daughter, the king of Splendorius stole the crown but was consumed by the evil and transformed into the King Mercenare. Unable to fight her father, Princess Marie Angelica broke her heart into two parts. The part that loves her father, her darkness, and the part that wants to protect her people, her light. Angelica’s body was then transformed into an egg which will later be born as Dina. The darkness of Ange's heart went back to the King Mercenare and was reborn as Regina while the light was reborn as Natalie and was sent to earth.

Saving The King

After discovering that she loves not only her father but also her friends, Regina teams up with the Glitter Force in order to save her father who is trapped inside the heart of King Mercenare. Together with her biological sisters Natalie and Dina, Regina was able to help the king regain his love and free him. But before the Glitter Force can celebrate, Bel arrives and absorbs the remaining evil of the King.


It is revealed in the last episode that she transfers to Seashell Bay Middle School. Even though Regina is not an official warrior, she seems to be part of the Glitter Force Doki Doki team at the end of Episode 15 (season 2).


Her powers are shown in episode 11. She can turn people into Distain by finding people's hidden selfishness rather than acting when the thoughts come to the surface, as the other villains do. She is able to color a person's heart black when she summons a Distain.

To summon a Distain, Regina first tilts her head, jumps and twirls a little, and then jumps again before summoning dark energy. She then shoots it out of her finger towards a heart to paint it black, thus summoning a Distain.

In episode 13 (season 2) Regina achieves the powers of the Spear of Light after it responds to the love she has toward her father.

Although not a power used in combat, Regina (like Natalie) can grow older for a short period of time due to the amount of love she receives and emits.




  • Regina was believed to be Glitter Ace by many of the fans before Glitter Ace's true identity was revealed.

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