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Season Glitter Force Doki Doki
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye Color red (brainwashed)
light blue (unbrainwashed)
Hair Color Blonde (unbrainwashed)
Gray Blonde (brainwashed)
Home Place Mercenare Kingdom (formerly)
Seashell Bay (currently)
Relatives King Mercenare (father)
Dina (younger sister)
Natalie (younger sister)
First Appearance Episode 9 (Doki Doki)
Theme Color blue (unbrainwashed)
red (brainwashed)
Japanese Voice Actor Kumiko Watanabe
English Voice Actor Cherami Leigh

Regina is the daughter of King Mercenare, and the secondary antagonist in Glitter Force Doki Doki.


Regina has long blonde hair with a big red bow on the top, she has blue eyes, and light skin. She wears a dark grey dress with red accents, black tights with red bats on them and red pumps, a red choker, a black vest, red bands around her wrists and ankles, and dark grey arm bands with red accents.

When she is brainwashed, her hair becomes less saturated, her skin is paler, her eyes turn red, and all the red accents on her outfit become violet.


Regina is bratty and spoiled. She often bosses the Mercenare Trio around. When not brainwashed, she is curious, and becomes caring, especially towards Maya.


She first appears in Episode 9.

It is later revealed she is the dark part of Princess Marie Angelica, born after the princess tore her heart into two, separating them. The light part was born as Natalie.


King Mercenare: Regina's father, who used to be the King of Splendorious. After Regina begins to turn good, her father brainwashes her back into becoming evil, but Regina eventually becomes good again.

Princess Marie Angelica: Marie Angelica created Regina when she split her heart into its good and evil halves. Regina was created from its evil half.

Natalie: Regina's younger sister, in a sense. While Natalie was created from the good half of Marie Angelica's heart, Regina was created from the evil half.

Dina: Regina's younger sister, in a sense. When Marie Angelica split her heart in two, her soul became Dina.

Maya Aida: They become close friends since episode 13 of the first season, reaffirming their friendship in episode 14 of the first season before the trio took her to her father. In episode 1 of the second season, her relationship with Maya ends as Regina brainwashed by her father. In episode 13 of the second season, she and Regina's friendship is restored when she protects Maya from her father.


Regina was able to use the Spear of Light andGolden Crown of Wisdom due to technically being a part of the royal family of Splendorius. This also explains her obsession with possessing the Royal Crystals.

Her dark powers were shown to be stronger than that of the Mercenare Trio, as they needed a person to have a selfish thought to create a Distain, while Regina was able to turn anyone evil without them having a selfish thought first.



  • She begins to turn good, but her father brainwashes her into becoming evil again.
  • She does not have Glitter Force powers, unlike the other girls in the show (not including Princess Marie Angelica, since she is not in many episodes of the show) but is technically part of the Glitter Force Doki Doki team despite that.
  • She is the first character to be daughter of the main antagonist.
  • She is the first villain to befriend a protagonist.
  • She is the first (and so far only) villain to be brainwashed, unlike most villains.

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