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Rainbow Burst is the second group purification attack that the Glitter Force use. To use it, the Cures need to be in their Princess Forms and have their Princess Wands. They first use this attack in Episode 20.


First the girls insert their Princess Charms onto the Princess Wand and then they aim the wands up and shout out: "Princess Wands, give us your glitter power!" Then the Glitter Force ride their Pegasus' made of light and combine the power of the Princess Wands to form a large white Pegasus which fires a large burst of rainbow light at the opponent.



All: Insert Glitter Charm!

All: Princess Wand, give us your Glitter Power!

All: Summoning Pegasus Power!

Princess Lucky: Princess Lucky!

Princess Sunny: Princess Sunny!

Princess Peace: Princess Peace!

Princess Spring: Princess Spring!

Princess Breeze: Princess Breeze!

All: Glitter Princess Power, activate! All together! Glitter Princess Mode!

Princess Lucky: Pink, orange, green, blue, yellow!

Princess Sunny, Peace, Spring, Breeze: Painting the sky with the colors of hope!

All: Pegasus Power Attack! Here we go! Rainbow Burst!

Princess Lucky: Wands down, girls!

All: Another happy ending!


All: ペガサスよ!私たちに力を!

Princess Happy: プリンセスハッピー!

Princess Sunny: プリンセスサニー!

Princess Peace: プリンセスピース!

Princess March: プリンセスマーチ!

Princess Beauty: プリンセスビューティ!

All: プリキュアプリンセスフォーム!

Princess Happy: 届け!希望の光!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: 羽ばたけ!未来へ!

All: プリキュアレインボーバースト!

Princess Happy: 輝け!

All: ハッピースマイル!


All: Pegasasu yo! Watashitachi ni chikara wo!

Princess Happy: Purinsesu Happī!

Princess Sunny: Purinsesu Sanī!

Princess Peace: Purinsesu Pīsu!

Princess March: Purinsesu Māchi!

Princess Beauty: Purinsesu Byūti!

All: Purikyua Purinsesu Fōmu!

Princess Happy: Todoke! Kibō no hikari!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: Habatake! Mirai he!

All: Purikyua Reinbō Bāsuto!

Princess Happy: Kagayake!

All: Happī Sumairu!


All: Pegasus, lend us your power!

Princess Happy: Princess Happy!

Princess Sunny: Princess Sunny!

Princess Peace: Princess Peace!

Princess March: Princess March!

Princess Beauty: Princess Beauty!

All: Pretty Cure Princess Form!

Princess Happy: Reach out! Light of hope!

Princess Sunny, Peace, March, Beauty: Soar! To the future!

All: Pretty Cure Rainbow Burst!

Princess Happy: Sparkle!

All: Happy Smile!


  • An extended version of the song Glitter Force plays throughout this attack.