Princess Marie Angelica is a character from Glitter Force Doki Doki, and is no longer active as she has been split into 3 people, known as Natalie, Regina and Dina, to prevent herself from becoming a Distain.


Daughter of King Mercenare who was former King of Splendorious, Marie lived a happy life. Until one day she fell ill, and her father went to a great length to save her.

After she was cured, she had discovered what he had done to cure her, and witnessed her father get corrupted into King Mercenare.

In order to stop Bel from turning her into a Distain, she split her heart into two, a dark half that loves her father, and a good half that loves her people. They turned into Regina and Natalie and her physical transformation turned her into Dina.


Mackenzie - Princess Marie Angelica's friend

Johnny - Princess Marie Angelica's boyfriend