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Princess Marie Angelica (Princess Marie Ange in the original Japanese version) is/was the ruler of the Splendorius. She first appeared in episode 5, as in the flashback when Makenzie was telling the story of the Splendorius.


Daughter of King Mercenare who was former King of Splendorius, Marie lived a happy life, until one day she fell ill, and her father went to a great length in order to save her, by taking the Golden Crown of Wisdom, and unleashing darkness, which had previously been trapped.

After she was cured, she had discovered what he had done to cure her, and witnessed her father get corrupted into King Mercenare. To protect her kingdom, Marie sealed King Mercenare in stone using the Spear of Light, and attempted to escape through the mirror with Glitter Spade, but let go of her hand in order to keep them both from being captured.

Cornered by Bel and faced with the threat of turning into a Distain, she split her heart into two, the dark half that loves her father, and the good half that loves her people. The two pieces of her heart turned into Regina, the dark half and Natalie, the good half, and her physical form reverted into Dina.


Mackenzie - Princess Marie Angelica's close friend and guard.

Johnny - Princess Marie Angelica's fiancé

Natalie - Half of Princess Marie Angelica's heart, created from the part of her that loved her people.

Regina - Half of Princess Marie Angelica's heart, created from the part of her that loved her father.

Dina - The current physical form of Princess Marie Angelica.

King Mercenare - Father of Princess Marie Angelica.


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