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Maya Aida (Aida Mana in the original Japanese version), is one of the main characters in Glitter Force Doki Doki.

Her alter ego is Glitter Heart or (Cure Heart in the Japanese version.)

Her catchphrase is "Feel the Doki Doki!"



Maya has magenta eyes and short, flared hair with a small portion worn up in a ponytail held by an off-white bow. Her layered bangs frame her face.

Casually she wears a white and lilac striped long-sleeve shirt beneath a pale pink top with white stripes and a heart design, a ruffled light pink mini-skirt, lilac stockings, and a pair of pink and white sneakers.

During summer she wears a black top under a light pink t-shirt, black leggings, a layered pink skirt, and a pair of pink and white sneakers.

Glitter Heart

As Glitter Heart, her eyes brighten and her longer hair turns bright blonde, worn in four large curls with the rest pulled up into a ponytail with two large loops held by a pink and white hair piece. On each side of the head is a pink and white heart with heart-shaped fabric. A pink pointed choker and magenta heart earrings are included. She wears a pink dress with white detail and winged sleeves. Straps of magenta and white circle the chest, shoulder, and waist, a magenta ribbon with heart-shaped tails rests on the corner. The scalloped skirt has a pointed pale blue layer, followed by a peplum of four points, a frilly white petticoat. She also gains magenta shorts, pink and white boots to match the sleeves, each adorned by a magenta gem heart to match the one on the chest. White heart-shaped fabric hangs from it.

Parthenon Mode

In Parthenon Mode her hair grows longer and she gains large white wings. The pink of her outfit becomes very pale, with the exception of the hearts in her hair, and the gem hearts of her outfit. Around her shoulder is a ruffled white cape, with a winged heart on the corner and gold neckline.


Maya is a cheerful girl who is great at sports and her studies. Her kindness makes her popular at school, and she has the trust of not only the students but adults as well. She often worries about other people and takes on various problems on her own in order not to burden others. She is great at taking care of people, resolving conflicts, helping friends out with extracurricular activities, and solving problems. However, she often rushes into things before thinking it through. She is childhood friends with Rachel, who is her secretary, and Clara; she is also a fan of the idol Mackenzie Mack.

Maya is incredibly fast and if there is any problem to resolve, she shows that she is very competent. She makes friends very quickly and thinks about other people first. Also, she is very courageous, as she heads straight into danger to help people without thinking and even lectures a dangerous Distain. Maya is shown to be a very open and tolerant person as she does not wonder about the existence of pixies like Kippie, monsters like Distains or her mysterious transformation into a Glitter Force warrior.


Rachel: Rachel is one of Maya's childhood friends as well as her secretary. They often were seen walking together. They always protect each other and Maya believes in Rachel a lot. She knows Rachel inside and out.

Clara Yotsuba: An elementary school-time classmate and another childhood friend of Maya. She and Rachel help with taking care of Clara when she plays outside her house. She also protected Clara when she was going to move out.

Mackenzie Mack: Maya is a big fan of Mackenzie, as well as one of her Glitter Force partners. At first, Mackenzie didn't take to Maya too well, especially as Glitter Spade, but after a while the two formed a bond and became team mates.

Kippie: Kippie is a rabbit-like fairy pixie and Maya's transformation partner.

Natalie: Both met during the festival, Natalie encouraged her to stand up in order to save Regina from her father and his servant.

Regina: They become close friends since episode 13 of the first season, reaffirming their friendship in episode 14 of the first season before the trio took her to her father. In episode 1 of the second season, her relationship with Maya ends as Regina brainwashed by her father. In episode 13 of the second season, she and Regina's friendship is restored when she protects Maya from her father.

Nicholas: they are friends since elementary school. Maya scolds him every time he makes troubles. She never knew that he secretly cares for her.


Maya means "illusion" or "magic" in Hindu philosophy and is an alternate name of the Hindu goddess Durga in Hindu mythology.[1] Her surname, while pronounced differently in English, is an Italian name that means Helpful.

Aida (相田): Ai (相) means "togetherness" referring to being close to people who they trust her, while da (田) means "field". Ai could also indicate "love" (愛), as all of her friends have their motif in their names in the Japenese dub. "Aida" (間) as a common phrase, means "in between".

Her japanese name, Mana (マナ) Mana (愛) means "love". It might refer to her loving nature. If combined with "Ai (相)", Souai (相愛) it can also mean "love each other".

Her full name in Japanese indicates the meaning "The love between (people)".


Becoming a Glitter Force warrior

One day, when Maya was visiting the Clover Tower during her school's orientation program, She sees a girl, called Katie, who had lost her mother on the tower. Maya helped her and found her mother. After helping, Maya saw the young idol Mackenzie, who was surrounded by fans. Suddenly, Maya saw Mackenzie's pin, which fell. Maya then took it and gave it back to Mackenzie. While travelling, a shopkeeper, who was selling pins, called Maya to see them. Maya took it and then looked at it, and she was surprised. The shopkeeper, then gave it to her for free, despite her insisting she would pay, however she eventually agreed to take it for free.

Rachel then took her and said to go up to the tower, where there was a line. Maya went there and was waiting. While some people tried cutting through the line. There Ira summoned a Crab Distain, which was hurting people. Maya heard it and went there while going, Kippie, a magical pixie, was following her. When she went there, she saw people as they were hurt and Katie. She saved Katie and returned her to her parents, and then she met Kippie, who turned into a Glitter Pad, and said to Maya to transform, but Maya had no idea how to. Then suddenly, Glitter Spade appears, saving Maya. Then on the other side, Marmo summoned another Crab Distain, which captured Glitter Spade. Maya then tried to save her, and then the Glitter Pad and the charm Maya had gotten from the shopkeeper begin to shine, and with the help of them, Maya transformed into Glitter Heart for the first time.

Glitter Heart

Glitter Heart poses after transforming

"The Power of Love! I'm Glitter Heart!"

Glitter Heart is Maya's Glitter Force alter ego. She represents love. In Doki Doki Pretty Cure!, her introduction is "Overflowing Love! Cure Heart!" (みなぎる愛!キュアハート!Minagiru ai! Kyua Hāto!)


Kippie cries out her name before Maya first places her transformation Glitter Charm onto Kippie's silver heart medallion object and shouts "Glitter Force Makeover!" She then spells "L-O-V-E" on her Glitter Pad and the transformation begins. She is seen floating with her body, except for her head, glowing with gold light. Then her hair glows and grows drastically starting with her heart-shaped bun and long ponytail. Her hair then turns blonde and her earrings, headband and heart-shaped hair accessories start to appear. Her dress then appears and her Glitter Pad attaches itself to it. Next is her heart brooch, arm warmers and boots. Finally, a long pink ribbon appears on the right side of her pelvis. She then does a short dance before landing on the ground and introducing herself as Glitter Heart, posing afterward.


Group Attacks


Glitter Heart's power up

Shown in episode 6 of the second season, Glitter Heart gains an unnamed power-up, because of believing, and following "one of the rules of Glitter Force" which Glitter Ace had explained. Glitter Heart has a pink aura around her body when powered up. In this power-up, Glitter Heart got stronger than she usually was and also could perform Glitter Heart Arrow with her power-up, along with her friends.

Parthenon Mode

Glitter Heart in her Parthenon Mode

Parthenon Mode is the form that Glitter Heart transforms into thanks to the powers of the other Glitter Force, the Glitter Crystal Pad, the Miracle Dragon Glaive and the Golden Crown of Wisdom. In this form, her outfit turns lighter and she gains a flowing white cape and wings, along with accessories. Her power is completely different from Glitter Heart.



Glitter Force Doki Doki Transformation - Glitter Heart Cure Heart (TV Record)


  • In the Japanese version, it is revealed that Maya's birthday is on August 4th, making her star sign Leo.
  • Both she with Candy from Glitter Force are voiced by Debi Derryberry in the dub.
  • In episode 6, it is revealed that Maya is tone deaf.


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