Mackenzie Mack
Glitter Spade.jpg
Season 1 & 2
Age 14
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple (Mackenzie Mack)
Lilac (Glitter Spade)
Hair Color Purple (Mackenzie Mack)
Lilac (Glitter Spade)
Home Place Splendorius (originally)
Seashell Bay (during the show)
Relatives Unknown and unnamed parents (deceased)
First Appearance Episode 1
Alter Ego Glitter Spade
Cure Sword (Japanese version)
Theme Color Purple
Japanese Voice Actor Kanako Miyamoto
English Voice Actor Stephanie Sheh

Mackenzie Mack (Makoto Kenzaki in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure) is the purple member of Glitter Force Doki Doki. With the help of her pixie Davi, she transforms into Glitter Spade (Cure Sword in Doki Doki! Pretty Cure). After she transforms, her catchphrase is "The blade of courage! Glitter Spade!"


Mackenzie is much more serious than her teammates but she learns to loosen up a bit. She's also a popular singer, and she sings in hope of finding Princess Marie Angelica. She is friendlier than ever.

Mackenzie is the Royal Songstress of the Kingdom of Splendorius as well as the last of the previous generation of magical warriors until Maya and the other girls became the new Glitter Force. She has a strong sense of responsibility toward the princess of Splendorius, Marie Angelica. When the kingdom is invaded by the Mercenare, leaving Mackenzie as the last remaining warrior, she and Marie Angelica became separated during their escape. Arriving in the human world and becoming determined to find Princess Marie Angelica, Mackenzie takes on a human alias known as "Mackenzie Mack" and becomes a pop singer in the hopes that her voice will one day reach the princess.

While initially reluctant to work with the other girls, Mackenzie soon opens up to them and reveals her identity to them, accepting their offer to help her find the missing princess, and later enrolling in Maya and Rachel's school. Her pixie partner is Davi. Having come from another world, she is generally unfamiliar with a lot of the local customs.


Mackenzie has purple eyes and short length hair that frames the upper head with a few curled strands in various directions, including her thin bangs. She wears a single lilac clip on the left of her head. Her casual wear consists of a white work shirt with an indigo tie and a long lavender flowing vest. This is paired with a pair of pale brown khakis, black socks, and white boots. Initially, when out in public she wore this with red glasses and a white painter’s cap. During summer, Mackenzie wears a white and lavender top, lilac leggings, and a denim skirt. She accessorizes this with a pale brown vest, pearl bracelet, and a spade charm necklace.

Settei sheet of Mackenzie in her casual attire.

During her Idol performances, Mackenzie wears a vibrant purple strapless dress with the top lined in white that has a ribbon sewn to the middle and trimmed with black frills. The ruffled tail of the dress reveals lavender coloring, while the dress is cut to reveal pastel pink ruffled fabric with layers of white scallop and black pleat beneath it. Around the waist is a black belt with a large pink gem heart to match her necklace, head piece, and a hair clip. She also gains a ribbon on her left arm, black gloves with pastel pink ribbon on the wrists, and thigh-length boots with a heart on the side of the thigh. She also usually wears a pair of headphones decorated with hearts.

As Glitter Spade, her eyes turn a lighter purple while her hair becomes a vibrant lilac and is worn up in a left curled side-tail held by a feathery ornament that has a ribbon attached. Her hair grows in length to cover the back of her neck with a flip on each side. Her hair clip turns into a spade to match her dangle earrings.

She wears a lilac top with a flowered bottom lined in white to accent the stripe going down the middle, where a single band of purple resides. Her sleeves resemble wings, with the left shoulder being larger than the right. Sewn on the right of the navel is a purple heart tailed ribbon, with a similar ornament hanging from a purple gem heart on the left of her chest. Her skirt resembles a wing or flower with a lilac to white gradient, lilac lining, and a frilly petticoat. She gains a lilac choker, lilac sleeves lined in white with an indigo bow, and lilac thigh boots with purple lining, white toe, and heel. Her Glitter Pad hangs from the right hip.


Before she joined Maya and her friends, she used to be Princess Maria Angelica's personal guard, but when King Mercenare and the Mercenares attacked Splendorius, she and Marie Angelica escaped, although the princess let go of her hand and disappeared when they travelled through the mirror. She soon after began her search for the missing Princess, using her singing in hopes of finding her.

Glitter Spade

"The blade of courage! Glitter Spade!"

Glitter Spade poses after transformation

Glitter Spade is Mackenzie's alter ego. She represents courage.


Davi calls out her name before Mackenzie places her transformation Glitter Charm onto Davi's silver heart medallion object and shouts "Glitter Force Makeover!"  She then spells "L-O-V-E" on her Glitter Pad and the transformation begins. She is seen with most of her body glowing in purple light. First, her hair glows purple and grows into a ponytail, with her spade shaped earrings and hair accessories already there as her hair then turns to a lighter purple. Her arm warmers appear one after the other followed by her dress and her Glitter Pad attaches itself to it. Next her boots appear after striking her legs together.  She taps her chest with her hands and the heart brooch materializes.  Finally her dress ribbon appears and Glitter Spade poses saying her introduction speech.


Sparkle Flash - Glitter Spade's first attack, with the incantation "Glitter Force! Sparkle Flash!" It is the first attack seen in Glitter Force Doki Doki. To activate it, she puts the attack Glitter Charm on her Glitter Pad. She then draws a heart on the Glitter Pad's screen. Glitter Spade flies in the air, and then she draws a flurry of swords at the Distain, purifying it.

Sparkle Sword - Glitter Spade's purification attack. This attack could only be done by a Glitter Heart Arrow and a Glitter Charm. She first inserts the Glitter Charm into the Glitter Heart Arrow and then slides her finger across the 4 different colored hearts, activating them and making them shine. The big heart in the top shines in a purple color. She spins with the arrow, then she stops and pulls the arrow's trigger, from that the purple heart shines then rapidly fires a blast of spade shapes to the enemy.


Mackenzie means "fire-born, "child of the wise ruler" or "comely".

Mack is a shortened version of Mackenzie.

For her Japanese surname Kenzaki (剣崎?), Ken (剣) means "sword", an obvious reference to her Japanese alter ego (Cure Sword), while zaki (崎) means "small peninsula" or "promontory".

Her Japanese name Makoto (真琴?) is a common given name that means integrity and sincerity. Individually, Ma (真) means "pure/true", while the koto (琴) is a traditional Japanese instrument. The whole name can also pronounce as the whole word Makoto (真).


  • It was revealed in the Doki Doki! Pretty Cure Complete Book that she had only been a guard for one month.
  • She is the only purple Glitter Force warrior.
  • In the first episode of Glitter Force Doki Doki, subtitles named her as Glitter Flash, as opposed to Glitter Spade.
  • She is the first person to be a Glitter Force warrior before the show began.
  • Like Glitter Sunny in the first Glitter Force series, she has the shortest hair in her warrior form compared to her teammates.
  • In the final episode, Mackenzie says that where she's from, people would listen quietly to her singing. This, plus the mention of a hymn service from Princess Marie Ange in a flashback from episode 7 of DokiDoki Precure implies that before the season, she used to sing in a church.
  • Her Japanese dub counterpart shares the same surname (and spelling) as Kazuma Kenzaki, Kamen Rider Blade. Fittingly, just like Mackenzie, they have a spade motif and their series has the main motif of card suits.


  • Princess Marie Angelica: Mackenzie was her guard and close friend.
  • Davi: Mackenzie's pixie partner. Davi helps her transform and attack, and is also her manager in her human form.
  • Maya Aida: A fellow Glitter Force Warrior, who is a big fan of Mackenzie's. Mackenzie at first doesn't want to put her in danger by working with her, but later she becomes her friend and teammate.
  • Rachel: A fellow Glitter Force Warrior.
  • Clara Yotsuba: A fellow Glitter Force Warrior.
  • Natalie: A fellow Glitter Force Warrior. She is a fragment of Marie Angelica.
  • Dina: A magical baby whom Mackenzie and Maya care for. She is a fragment of Marie Angelica.
  • Regina: Mackenzie's enemy, until she joins the Glitter Force. She is a fragment of Marie Angelica.




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