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Lily (Kise Yayoi in the original Japanese version), is one of the main characters in Glitter Force.

Her alter ego is Glitter Peace or (Cure Peace in the Japanese version.) She controls the power of Lightning.



Yayoi is a few inches shorter then her friends, with big golden eyes and shoulder-length, fluffy yellow hair curled around her face, worn with a white headband that has an orange gem on each side.

She normally wears a goldenrod dress with buckles over a pale yellow long-sleeved blouse, dark orange Mary-Jane's and frilly white socks. During summer, she wears a white blouse with ruffled pale yellow camisole, pale denim short pants, and goldenrod sandals with a pale brown sole and white socks.

Glitter Peace

As Glitter Peace, her eyes and hair brighten, and her hair grows very long, worn up in a fanned out ponytail hanging from twisted hair on top of the head. Her bangs and forelocks curl out to frame her face. She gains a white tiara with a yellow gem and two wings to match her earrings, and gold choker. Her short yellow dress has gold and white detail, with puffy sleeves beneath a feathered layer that has two gold spheres on top. On the chest is a light yellow bow with a gold brooch. Hanging from the back of the skirt is a gently pointed coat-tail, and she gains yellow shorts. Her short white boots have a gold ribbon, yellow toe, and cuff. She gains white and gold wrist accessories.

Tiara Mode

In Tiara Mode, her tiara is replaced by a golden crown worn in the center of her head with matching gold wings and ribbon earrings. The center piece of her tiara is a yellow star.

Princess Peace

As Princess Peace, her thicker hair is curled, with her forelocks now chest-length. She gains the tiara and earrings from Tiara Mode, the wings of her hair turning gold and she gains a halo. Over her outfit is a ruffled pale yellow dress with a ribbon on the back, and a yellow and white striped ribbon on the chest, where her brooch resides. Her wrist pieces are altered and the pieces on her wrist and boots become lighter.

Royal Mode

In Royal Mode, her hair resembles her original Cure style, but much thicker. Her gold crown gains two yellow diamond gems and a gold wing, and her choker turns white with a yellow gem in the center. Her dress colors lighten, and over it is a feathery pale yellow piece covering the chest and shoulders, with the remainder flowing in back like a cape. Her shoulder sleeves become lace, and beneath her brooch is a yellow pair of wings. Her feathered wrist pieces gain a gem and ring, while her boots gain a wing-like cuff, with one at knee-length, the other reaching mid-lower leg. She obtains white wings.


Lily is a shy girl with a big heart. She was first depicted as a crybaby. Though she had a few friends, she mostly kept to herself due to her shy and modest nature. When Emily and Kelsey saw what potential she had in art, they managed to draw a more passionate fire out of her. When their lives were put in danger, she completely shed her babyish personality and showed her true strength.

Now that she's made a few friends, Lily has become more outgoing and passionate about being a Glitter Force Warrior, especially the superhero elements. She is quite bubbly and sweet, and while she may appear as a crybaby, she is actually quite strong when it comes to protecting her friends and making the right decision.


Emily - Being a shy girl, Lily understands how Emily must feel being the new girl in class, and so does her best to make Emily feel welcome. She also shows genuine concern for Emily whenever she gets hurt.

Kelsey - Despite how Kelsey always teases Lily about being a crybaby, the two seem to be good friends and are often seen together.

Chloe - Lily likes Chloe the same way she does. There's not much about their relationship during the series. Chloe likes her artworks and fascinated/amazed by how she does her art.



Lily comes from the flower by the same name, meaning "cute", "pure", or "innocent", which somewhat describes Lily's personality.

Her Japanese name Kise means "yellow river rapids", while Yayoi is the olden name for March in the lunar calendar.

Glitter Peace

Glitter Peace poses after transforming

"Puppies and kittens! The power of love! I'm Glitter Peace!"

Glitter Peace is Lily's Glitter Force alter ego. She is the yellow member of the Glitter Force and she controls lighting. She is able to electrocute enemies by crying hard as shown in Episode 3. With that, she can shock, or even paralyze enemies. However, her power over lightning seems to give a slight recoil back to her. It is shown in Episode 14, that she can summon lightning from her hands.

In Smile Pretty Cure!, her introduction is, "Sparkling, glittering, rock-paper-scissors! Cure Peace!" (ピカピカぴかりんじゃんけんポン♪ キュアピース! Pikapika pikarin jankenpon♪ Kyua Pīsu!).


Lily's Glitter Pact opens. She puts her transformation Glitter Charm into a recess in the Glitter Pact and says, "Insert Glitter Charm!" Then, she says,"Glitter Force Makeover!" to begin her transformation. A powder puff emerges from the Glitter Pact, and as Lily grabs it, she says, "Glitter Puff! Apply shades of power!" She taps the Glitter Puff between her hands and spins around. Her armbands appear (as she says, "Glitter Bands!"), followed by her boots ("Glitter Boots!") and her dress ("The power of peace!") She then curls up in a ball for her hair transformation. Finally, she taps the puff to her cheeks to make blush appear. Glitter Peace falls down from the sky. Upon landing, she shouts her catchphrase and strikes a pose.


  • Sparkle Lightning - Glitter Peace charges her Glitter Pact with spirit until it starts glowing. Then, she puts two fingers up in the air for lightning to strike them. She then spins around several times and produces watts of lightning. As lightning flies towards the target, it turns into a yellow beam. The attack is first used in Episode 3. In the original Japanese version, it is called Peace Thunder.
    • Sparkle Lightning Hurricane - An upgraded version of Sparkle Lightning. It requires Glitter Peace's Glitter Pact and ultra Glitter Charm, and Glitter Peace must have her Ultra Power activated. Glitter Peace puts two fingers in the air, summoning a huge column of lightning that surrounds her. Then, after spinning around and shouting the attack name, a huge burst of lightning shoots towards the enemy. The attack is first used in Episode 13 (season 2). In the original Japanese version, it is called Peace Thunder Hurricane.

Group Attacks

  • Tiara Mode Torrent - The first group attack that she first used with Glitter Lucky, Peace, Spring and Breeze in Episode 11. To perform it, they need to be in Tiara Mode and use their jewel-shaped Glitter Charms. In the original Japanese version it’s called Rainbow Healing.
    • Rainbow Burst - The second group attack, which appears in Episode 20 and requires the use of the Princess Wands while in Princess Mode.
      • Royal Rainbow Burst - An upgraded version of Rainbow Burst. Not only does the Glitter Force need their Princess Wands and to be in Princess Mode, but they also need Candy and the Royal Clock. The attack is first used in Episode 27. For the most part, it retains its name in the original Japanese version, but the version in Episode 40 without the Royal Clock is called Ultra Rainbow Burst.
      • Miracle Rainbow Burst - The ultimate version of Rainbow Burst and the Glitter Force's final group attack. For this attack, the Glitter Force must be in Ultra Mode, Candy must be transformed into Queen Candy, and all six must have the Miracle Jewel. It is used for the first and only time in Episode 40.

  • Sparkle Lightning Blizzard - Is the combined attack with Glitter Breeze, used on Episode 19 (season 2). The attack can be done, as Glitter Breeze throws a block of ice on the air, and Glitter Peace makes a lightning bolt, which causes the ice to fire up, as the attack is done, the attack could defeat many enemies. In the original Japanese version, it is called Thunder Blizzard.


Tiara Mode

Glitter Peace's tiara in Tiara Mode

Tiara Mode is a form that Glitter Peace achieves using her Glitter Pact and the yellow star Tiara Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 11. In this form, Glitter Peace gains a golden tiara. This form is only used to perform Tiara Mode Torrent.

Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Peace in Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Princess Mode is a form that Glitter Peace achieves using her Princess Wand and the yellow shooting star Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 20. In this form, Glitter Peace has the tiara from Tiara Mode, a light yellow dress that she wears over her normal outfit, and a golden halo. Additionally, her hair becomes wavier. This form is used to perform Rainbow Burst and its variants.

Ultra Power

Ultra Power, also called Ultra Mode, is a form that Glitter Peace achieves using her Glitter Pact and her ultra Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 14 (season 2). This form is exactly the same as Glitter Peace's normal form, with the exception of a yellow aura that surrounds her. In this form, Glitter Peace is much stronger physically and magically, and she can perform Sparkle Lightning Hurricane and Sparkle Lightning Blizzard.

Royal Mode

Royal Mode is a form that Glitter Peace achieves using her Glitter Pact and her Ultra Glitter Charm. In this form, Glitter Peace gains a feathery overcoat. She first gets this form in Episode 19 (season 2). In this form, Glitter Peace's physical and magical powers are enhanced even more so than when her Ultra Power is activated. Additionally, she can fly and teleport when in this mode. Glitter Peace is able to perform Royal Rainbow Burst and Miracle Rainbow Burst while in Royal Mode.


  • Glitter Peace and Glitter Sunny are the only two Glitter Force Warriors from the first series who share the latter part of their alter-ego names with their Japanese counterparts. Glitter Sunny is called Cure Sunny in the Japanese version; Glitter Peace is called Cure Peace.
  • At first, Glitter Peace's catchphrase was made fun of for being stupid, too cute or bad by Kelsey.
  • When Lily was younger, she played bouncy ball roll which was the only game she didn't place last in she said.
  • From episode 3 onward, there are two episodes that reveal some information about her:
    • In Episode 1, season 2, it’s revealed that she likes to sleep in on some mornings (at least until her mom wakes her up with pancakes.)
      • However, this is inconsistent with the events of Episode 9 when her mom says she made waffles which excites Lily.
  • In Episode 4, it’s revealed that she loves superheroes and the Superbot franchise, even to the point where her suggestion for the secret base is the set of a sci- fi movie.




Glitter Peace Transformation

Glitter Peace’s Transformation

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