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King Mercenare (King Jikochuu in the original Japanese version) is the main antagonist of Glitter Force Doki Doki. He is the transformed King of Splendorius, father of Regina, and leader of the Mercenare trio.

King Mercenare led an invasion on Splendorius in which many of the people were converted into Distains. He was sealed away as a large imposing statue by Marie Angelica, where he lies dormant, however his subjects desire to waken him by getting the energy from people's psyches. He was originally Princess Marie Angelica's father, the king of Splendorius, before he was possessed by the Proto Mercenare. He is eventually revived, where he then proceeds to invade Earth. Once able to save the Splendorius King, the Cures destroy King Mercenare with only a fragment containing the Proto Mercenare remaining. King Mercenare represents the sin of Pride. One day he will become once again, the King of Splendorious!


  • The King of Splendorius(aka King Mercenare) is based on the King of Hearts.

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