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Kelsey (Hino Akane in the original Japanese version), is one of the main characters in Glitter Force.

Her alter ego is Glitter Sunny or (Cure Sunny in the Japanese version.) She controls the power of fire and flames.



Kelsey has dark red eyes and short hair worn in a ponytail with a few clips, her messy bangs mainly facing the right. She wears a loose orange long-sleeve top with pastel yellow stripes and red pockets, worn over a dark red tank-top, blue pants and dark red flats. For summer she switches to a light orange tank-top over an orange T-shirt, khaki shorts, white stockings, and tan shoes.

Glitter Sunny

As Glitter Sunny, her eyes and hair turn orange, and her longer hair is worn loose with a portion held up in a bun with two locks of hair and a white wing, a large curled cowlick on the right and her bangs have lengthened. She gains a white tiara with an orange gem and matching earrings worn on the upper-ear. She wears a burnt orange choker. Her short pastel orange dress has burnt orange and white detail. Her white feathery sleeves have two orange spheres on top, and on the chest is an orange bow with light yellow fabric and a gold brooch. Hanging from the back is a ruffled, pale yellow coat-tail, and she gains burnt orange shorts. Her tall white boots have burnt orange ribbon and a pale orange sole, an she gains similar sleeves.

Tiara Mode

In Tiara Mode, her white tiara is replaced by a gold crown with a red circle worn at the center of her head, while the wing turns gold. Her earrings are replaced by gold ribbons with orange hearts in the center, and she now wears them on her earlobes.

Princess Sunny

As Princess Sunny, her hair grows long and her bun resembles a bow with a long curled lock of hair on each side of her head and her bangs thicken. The wing in her hair is gold and she gains the tiara and earrings from Tiara Mode, along with a halo. Over her outfit is a ruffled cream dress with a ribbon on the back, and a pastel orange and white striped ribbon on the chest, where her brooch resides.

Royal Mode

In Royal Mode, her hair resembles that of Princess, but it's curled and thinner. Her gold crown gains two red diamond gems and a gold wing, and her earring becomes a large droplet. Her cure dress colors lighten, and over it is a feathery cream piece covering the chest and shoulders, with the remainder flowing in back like a cape. Beneath the brooch are a small pale orange pair of wings. Her choker turns white with a small red gem, and her feathered wrist pieces gain a gem and ring. Her boots gain a wing-like cuff, with one at knee-length, the other reaches mid-lower leg. She obtains white wings.


Kelsey is a feisty, competitive and passionate tomboyish middle school girl. Despite her playful teasing and light-hearted demeanor, she can also get very serious and determined about her favorite sport, volleyball. 

She can be very bold and confident, as shown when she swiftly took over Emily’s failing introduction speech to the school. While she does not like losing, she never lets it get her down, instead gets motivated to practice harder and win. She appears to have a dislike for overly cute or sappy things, finding them cringey, and is not afraid to voice her distaste.



Kelsey means "brave," "ship's victory", or "ship's island".

Her Japanese name Hino means "sun field" or "of the sun", while Akane means "madder red" and is used to describe an intense shade of red.


Meeting Emily

When introducing herself to the class, Kelsey says that Emily is bad at public speaking, is pleased to meet everyone, and waves her hands a lot. Because of her help when she was nervous, Emily makes it a habit to talk to Kelsey whenever she needs help.

Becoming Glitter Sunny

Kelsey's first in-person appearance in the series is in Episode 1, on Emily's first day at Rainbow Hills Middle School. When Emily is asked to introduce herself to the class, she's extremely nervous. Kelsey helps her cheer up by interrupting her introduction, making jokes in front of the class, and introducing Emily to herself, April, Chloe, and Lily. Kelsey is told off by Ms.Mason, but she succeeds in making Emily more relaxed. Emily does her introduction properly and then sits at the desk behind Kelsey. This is the beginning of Kelsey and Emily's friendship.

In Episode 2, Kelsey completely dominates a game of volleyball in P.E. class. After this game, Emily pulls Kelsey and Lily aside and tries to tell them that they're part of the Glitter Force. Before she can get too far, a strange creature pushes Emily away, leaving the girls confused. Kelsey tries to see the "talking lamb" Emily has and tickles Emily, but Emily keeps the creature hidden. Kelsey eventually gives up and invites Emily to her volleyball practice. Emily is excited to come. However, Kelsey isn't doing so well, as her classmate, Jasmine, keeps beating her. After team practice, Kelsey does some more practice by herself. Emily comes by and is concerned because she thinks that Kelsey is crying. Kelsey tells Emily that she was sweating, not crying, and Emily offers to help her practice.

The next team practice, Kelsey's skill has improved. However, an anthropomorphic wolf name Ulric arrives to ruin the moment by casting a spell and turning a volleyball into a monster called a Buffoon. Ulric's spell causes everybody, including Kelsey, to fall into despair. The only human who isn't affected is Emily, who transforms into Glitter Lucky to fight the Buffoon. Emily transforms into Glitter Lucky and finds physical combat with the Buffoon easier than last time. After a lot of fighting, the Buffoon captures Lucky in its giant hand and Ulric taunts her by asking if she's crying. Lucky refuses to give up and says that she's sweating, not crying, This resonates with Kelsey, enabling her to break out of the magically-induced despair. Kelsey is shocked to find that Emily has transformed into a magical warrior, she's being attacked by a wolf and his volleyball-shaped monster, and that the "talking lamb" is a fairy named Candy. Kelsey is afraid at first, but she quickly becomes determined to protect her friend. Even though Kelsey is weak and powerless, she tugs on the Buffoon's leg to try to get it to let go of Lucky.

This determination causes a column of orange light to appear around Kelsey and knock the Buffoon over, freeing Glitter Lucky. Inside of the light, a magical device called a Glitter Pact appears and Candy teaches Kelsey how to use it to transform into a warrior like Lucky. Kelsey is hesitant, but she does so and becomes a fire-themed Glitter Force warrior named Glitter Sunny.

Sunny is embarrassed and shocked, but Lucky cheers her up by saying her outfit looks great. The Buffoon then attacks the two by trying to slam into them and crush them. Fortunately, Sunny has super strength. She's able to single-handedly hold up the Buffoon so he doesn't crush them, and she slams him into the ground to stun him. Finally, with instructions from Candy, Sunny uses an attack called Sparkle Fire to finish off the Buffoon. Ulric retreats by teleporting away and everything returns to normal.

Glitter Sunny

Glitter Sunny poses after transforming

"When you mess with me, you're playing with fire! I'm Glitter Sunny!"

Glitter Sunny is Kelsey's Glitter Force alter ego. She is the orange member of the Glitter Force and she controls fire. She can make earthquakes with her punch, hike giant boulders, and has the power to lift Buffoons single-handedly and fling them a fair distance away.

In Smile Pretty Cure!, her introduction is, "The brilliant sun, hot-blooded power! Cure Sunny!" (太陽サンサン熱血パワー!キュアサニー! Taiyō sansan nekketsu pawā! Kyua Sanī!)


Kelsey's Glitter Pact opens. She puts her transformation Glitter Charm into a recess in the Glitter Pact and says, "Insert Glitter Charm!" Then, she says, "Glitter Force Makeover!" to begin her transformation. A powder puff emerges from the Glitter Pact, and as Kelsey grabs it, she says, "Glitter Puff! Apply shades of power!" She sets the puff on fire, causing her armbands to appear in a fiery blaze ("Glitter Bands!"). Then, her boots ("Glitter Boots!") and her dress ("This girl is on fire!") appear in bursts of flame as well. Finally, her hair transforms, and she taps the puff to her cheeks to make blush appear on her face. Glitter Sunny falls from the sky and flips in mid-air. Upon landing on her feet, she shouts her catchphrase and strikes a pose.


Group Attacks

  • Tiara Mode Torrent - The first group attack that she first used with Glitter Lucky, Peace, Spring and Breeze in Episode 11. To perform it, they need to be in Tiara Mode and use their jewel-shaped Glitter Charms. In the original Japanese version it’s called Rainbow Healing.
    • Rainbow Burst - The second group attack, which appears in Episode 20 and requires the use of the Princess Wands while in Princess Mode.
      • Royal Rainbow Burst - An upgraded version of Rainbow Burst. Not only does the Glitter Force need their Princess Wands and to be in Princess Mode, but they also need Candy and the Royal Clock. The attack is first used in Episode 27. For the most part, it retains its name in the original Japanese version, but the version in Episode 40without the Royal Clock is called Ultra Rainbow Burst.
      • Miracle Rainbow Burst - The ultimate version of Rainbow Burst and the Glitter Force's final group attack. For this attack, the Glitter Force must be in Ultra Mode, Candy must be transformed into Queen Candy, and all six must have the Miracle Jewel. It is used for the first and only time in Episode 40.
  • Sparkle Fire Shot - An combined attack performed with Glitter Spring, used only in Episode 19. Glitter Spring creates a wind ball, which she throws to Glitter Sunny, who combines it with her fireball. Once both are combined, the attack is thrown at the enemy.


Tiara Mode

Glitter Sunny's tiara in Tiara Mode

Tiara Mode is a form that Glitter Sunny achieves using her Glitter Pact and the red circle Tiara Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 11. In this form, Glitter Sunny gains a golden tiara. This form is only used to perform Tiara Mode Torrent.

Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Sunny in Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Princess Mode is a form that Glitter Sunny achieves using her Princess Wand and the red rose Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 20. In this form, Glitter Sunny has the tiara from Tiara Mode, a light orange dress that she wears over her normal outfit, and a golden halo. Additionally, her hair grows significantly longer. This form is used to perform Rainbow Burst and its variants.

Ultra Power

Ultra Power, also called Ultra Mode, is a form that Glitter Sunny achieves using her Glitter Pact and her ultra Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 12 (season 2). This form is exactly the same as Glitter Sunny's normal form, with the exception of an orange aura that surrounds her. In this form, Glitter Sunny is much stronger physically and magically, and she can perform Sparkle Fire Inferno and Sparkle Fire Shot.

Royal Mode

Royal Mode is a form that Glitter Sunny achieves using her Glitter Pact and her ultra Glitter Charm. In this form, Glitter Sunny gains a feathery overcoat. She first gets this form in Episode 19 (season 2). In this form, Glitter Sunny's physical and magical powers are enhanced even more so than when her Ultra Power is activated. Additionally, she can fly and teleport when in this mode. Glitter Sunny is able to perform Royal Rainbow Burst and Miracle Rainbow Burst while in Royal Mode.


  • In the Japanese version, Kelsey (Akane) comes from Osaka and speaks in the Kansai dialect.
    • She also has younger brother named Genki but never appears in Glitter Force and is never named due to the omission of episode 10 and removal of a scene with him in it in episode 48. However, Kelsey does mention him in episode 25.
  • Kelsey's theme colour is orange, as revealed by dialogue in Rainbow Burst ("Pink, orange, green, blue, yellow!"). However, the Glitter Charms she uses to transform and use Tiara Mode Torrent and Rainbow Burst are red.
    • In the Japanese version, her theme color is red, as revealed by the Japan-only game Pretty Cure Connection Puzzlun.
    • In the German version of Glitter Force, her theme color is also red. This is shown by her German name being Glitter Red (Glitter Rot).
      • In the Italian version of Glitter Force, her Italian name is Glitter Orange (Glitter Arancia)..
  • Glitter Sunny and Glitter Peace are the only two Glitter Force Warriors from the first series who share the latter part of their alter-ego names with their Japanese counterparts. Glitter Sunny is called Cure Sunny in the Japanese version; Glitter Peace is called Cure Peace.
  • In episode 35 she said she was on the school swim team but quit.
  • She and Glitter Spring are the two Glitter Force warriors not to have ruffles under their skirts.




Glitter Sunny Transformation

Glitter Sunny’s Transformation

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