(This article is about the character Goldenlight, which is also the title of a Glitter Force episode.)

Goldenlight is the titular main character of the comic series Goldenlight, which was created by Lily.

Having been praised by the others for her character designs, Lily decides to enter a manga contest, deciding to draw a story based on her own fictional character, Goldenlight. Despite struggling with the upcoming deadline, Lily resolves to complete the manga on her own without the others' help. However, Lily soon starts to crack under the pressure of high expectations and feels like it is impossible for her to become a manga artist. Just then, Brute appears before her, using her manga to become a Super Villain Hyper Buffoon. Despite being overwhelmed, Lily puts her faith in her character and her love of drawing and also awakens her new power to fight back Brute, before the others join her to defeat him. With her spark reignited, Lily manages to complete her manga. 


Goldenlight has short light brown hair and brown eyes.

When transformed her hair becomes a golden yellow color and grows in length, reaches to her lower back, and her bangs also change slightly. She wears a headband in her hair, with orange bows on both sides. Her dress is a yellowy-orange color, with white puffy sleeves, a red bow and the skirt has orange strips on the bottom of it and a petticoat underneath. She also has red ribbon on the back of her outfit. She wears orange socks, with white and orange boots.


  • Goldenlight is a comic book character made by Lily
  • She is also, stated by Chloe, Lily's alter ego in some way, as she is the girl that Lily wants to be.
  • In the original japanese version, she was named Miracle Peace.