The Glitter Shadow Force is a 5-girl group created by Rascal to fight with the Glitter Force. They are only the real girls' dark counterparts.


  • Shadow Lucky
  • Shadow Sunny
  • Shadow Peace
  • Shadow Spring
  • Shadow Breeze


All of them wear an all-in-one black suit with fingerless black gloves, a skirt that matches their counterparts' theme colors, ruffles with the same color on the chest and near the shoulders, and black high heels with curvy tips. In the middle of the ruffles on their chests is a gem that match their counterparts' dress colors. They have similar hairstyles like their counterparts with slight changes. They all wear a hairclip near the bangs area that consists of a pentagonal gem with the same color as their counterparts' hair color(the color is extremely noticeable in Shadow Spring's hairclip) with bat wings stuck to each side. They also wear a pair of gray diamond earrings and eyeshadow that matches their hair color over their eyelids.


Shadow Force Heartbreaker

First Shadow Lucky forms a thin heart using her index fingers and her thumbs. Bad energy is then collected and shot to the target.

Shadow Force Fireball

First Shadow Sunny sheathes herself with dark fire and uses the fire to shoot at her target.

Shadow Force Thunder Blow

First Shadow Peace raises a finger up and a bolt of lightning is zapped up to the sky. Then she points at her target and a lightning bolt many times bigger than the original one is shot down.

Shadow Force Corner Kick

First Shadow Spring makes up a big ball of dark wind that can crash severely into the target once kicked.

Shadow Force Avalanche

First Shadow Breeze raises her ice sword up and big purple snowflakes appear on the sky and they shoot large purple ice shards down at the target.


  • They share their voice actresses with their respective counterparts, both English and Japanese.
  • Their eyes resemble circles of color and they are very different from human eyes. Human eyes are designed to be more complex and they all have a bit of tears that glistens the eyes.
  • Shadow Force Fireball and Shadow Force Avalanche are the only attacks to be used differently in different times. Shadow Force Fireball was used in 3 ways and Shadow Force Avalanche is used in 2 ways.


Shadow Lucky

Shadow Sunny

Shadow Peace

Shadow Spring

Shadow Breeze



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Glitter Force vs. Shadow Force in Japanese-1