The Glitter Pad is the main transformation device in Glitter Force Doki Doki.


Its appearance varies depending on the mascot who transformed into it, but all of them has a similar design. All the Glitter Pads resembles a smartphone with a touchscreen and some hearts at the bottom. The touchscreen shows a big heart with a little heat in the middle and it's possible to slide and spell L-O-V-E on the screen of the Pad.


Its main purpose is to help the girls transform into the Glitter Force warriors, but it also has some extra purposes such as helping the girls use their basic attacks and produce some items with the help of special Glitter Charms.


  • The Glitter Pads' appearances are different and they only share some similarities.
  • The third heart at the first row from left to right has 4 smaller hearts in the main girls' theme colors.
  • Also, the 4 small hearts at the bottom row of the Glitter Pad represents the main girls' theme colors.