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The Glitter Heart Arrow is a weapon in Glitter Force Doki Doki.


The Glitter Heart Arrow is basically an arrow with a translucent heart on top. Beneath it is a big red heart used to insert the special attack charms in to make the arrow work. Two white and pink handles sticks out of each side. The handle closes for Diamond and Clover and opens for Heart and Spade. Under the red heart is a handle with 4 hearts that has the main girls' signature colors. Below the handle is a pink trigger that has a heart top.

How It Works


First one of the girls must summon her own arrow, and when it appears, she places the special arrow charm onto the red heart and runs her fingers on the 4 heart, activating the arrow and making the translucent heart glow in her signature color. Then she can perform her attack in her own way. Diamond taps it like a tambourine, Clover clicks her trigger and draws a circle, Spade pulls her trigger and uses it as a crossbow, and Heart uses it as an actual bow and arrow.

Togetherness Power Arrow

First the girls summon their arrows together, then the arrows appear, open their handles and flies down to the girls. Then they insert a special charm just for this attack onto the red heart and they aim as they pull out the triggers. After that they steady their feet and a colorful heart appears. Then they all wink and release the trigger, sending a beam of energy to the heart and the heart explodes, firing its content at the enemy.