This is a list of rules and guidelines set by the Glitter Force Wiki staff team that all users must follow.


  • We do not tolerate any kind of vandalism. Doing so will get you blocked.
  • Be respectful to every user on the wiki, including the Administrators.
  • Bullying is not allowed on the wiki. If you feel as if you are being bullied, please contact one of the administrators about it.
    • Users found to bully others, are subject to blocking.
  • Do not edit other people's userpages unless you are given permission.
  • Do not create unnecessary blog posts.


When one or more policies has been violated, a warning will be given out in this order:

  1. First warning will be a warning message for you on your message wall.
  2. Second warning will block the user for 1 week.
  3. Third warning warning will block the user for 1 month.
  4. Fourth and final warning will block the user for 1 year.

Multiple Accounts

Usage of multiple accounts are allowed on Fandom. But if you are using a sockpuppet to avoid a block, harassing users, or causing trouble such as vandalism, your alternate account will be permanently blocked by any means. If your block isn't permament on the main account, then you have to wait for the block to expire.

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