Darkness Is Coming is episode 8 in season 2 of Glitter Force Doki Doki


King Mercenare's minions unleash a sneaky new plan to defeat the Glitter Force: turning everyone on Earth into a Distain.


The episode starts with Bel who was eating a lollipop, joking with Leva and Gula because of their failures. Much to their annoyance, they claimed they had another plan, which could work. Suddenly, in the town, some mysterious balls started coming, and then the balls absorbed in the people's bodies, putting them to sleep. Meanwhile, Maya and the others were doing experiments with their Glitter Crystal Pad, however it did not work, even with Dina's power. Maya's stomach growls and she invited everyone to the Pig Tail resturaunt.

At the resturaunt, Maya and Rachel saw their mothers and with surprise Natalie saw her grandmother about to go to the resturaunt. Inside the people were watching about the mysterious balls. All of a sudden, Maya and the others were in a panic, as soon as they saw their parents and family members were sleeping. Then suddenly the girls warned Maya as the ball was coming towards her, but her Glitter Charm protected her from becoming infected. Then the TV screen became distorted and Leva and Gula appeared, explaining their plans.