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"A Perfect Nightmare", known in Japan as "Hearts as one! Pretty Cure's new power!!" (心をひとつに!プリキュアの新たなる力!! Kokoro wo hitotsu ni! Purikyua no aratanaru chikara!!)[1], is the seventh episode of season 2 of Glitter Force, the 32nd episode of the original Japanese version, and the 27th episode of the Glitter Force franchise overall.


"Emily enters Rascal's dream ball to save her friends and finds them in an enchanting alternate universe where life is all play and no work."[2]

Major Events


Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe get sucked into the dream ball. Emily insists to Rascal she has to go in to save her friends. Rascal says good luck to Emily on trying to get them out, but doesn't hesitate to bring Emily in because he thinks she will never wake up.

Once Emily goes in the Dream Ball, Candy insists on going in to help the Glitter Force too because she knows what it is like and knows how to break out. Pop tries to stop her but Candy says that the Glitter Force would do the same for her. Pop finally let's her go and Rascal brings her in the Dream Ball.

When Emily gets inside, she realizes it is such a fun and awesome place. She doesn't need to go to school and can go to the carnival. Once Emily and her friends take a bite of some carnival food, they gets hypnotized into loving the dream. Then Candy comes in and tries to wake Emily up, but can't. Then Candy shows the lesson that Emily taught her to break the cookie in half to share with other people.

Emily wakes up but can't wake her friends up. Then she has an idea to shoot her power into the sky to break the Dream Ball, but Rascal doesn't let her and creates a Buffoon to fight her. Emily tries to keep the Buffoon away from her friends while Candy tries to wake up the rest of the Glitter Force. When Emily is starting to get tired and is on the ground, she says she would do anything to keep her friends safe and try to wake them up. Rascal says no one is listening and never will.

When the Buffoon is about to blast her, Kelsey comes and saves Emily. Kelsey says I heard it loud and clear. Emily says thanks while the Buffoon is about to blast both of them, Lily blocks them and uses her power. Then she said she thought her speech was very nice. Then Chloe and April come and say they thought it was an awesome speech too. Rascal is so mad. The Glitter Force defeat the Buffoon and get out of the Dream Ball. Pop is so happy to see them and they have a happy ending.




  • There is a hidden text that says "No homework for the rest of the year."
  • A yellow-nosed buffoon appears a second time.