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Royal Crystal Chaos is episode 14 in season 1 of Glitter Force Doki Doki. In the original, it is titled "Betting the Crystal! Selfish Game!" (クリスタルをかけて!ジコチューのゲーム! Kurisutaru o Kakete! Jikochū no Geemu!?)


Regina plots to steal the other Royal Crystals, but they disappear in a flash of light. Sebastian helps the girls track them to Snowcap Mountain.


The Royal Crystals flew away and the Mercenare Trio tried to follow it. Sebastian arrived and used the Yotsuba satellite to track the crystals. The girls found out it had landed in the snowy mountains and they headed there by helicopter. Along the way, Maya was conflicted that Regina broke her promise while the others believed that Regina could not be trusted.

When they arrived, the innkeeper explained that the mountains are dangerous as they are not stable. But the girls insisted on going, so the innkeeper told them a legend: If you see a ray of light in your time of need, a miracle will happen.

The girls transformed and, with Johnny, scaled the top of the mountain. They saw Regina and the Mercenare Trio, who had been trailing them. They started to battle and in the midst of fighting, Glitter spade accidentally fired at where Regina is standing and she fell off. Glitter Heart tried to save her, but fell down too.

The others called for a truce with the Mercenare Trio and they agreed. Regina woke up and Maya was still unconscious. Regina found the crystals and it revealed a woman trapped in a block of ice.When Maya woke up, she believed the woman could be Princess Marie Angelica.

Regina's eyes went back to normal, and she returned the crystals to Maya, apologizing for what she had done. Maya forgave her, however Regina is worried that her father would destroy the Splendorious if Marie Angelica returned.

Maya claimed that they will try to convince Marie Ange and the Selfish King to get along somehow. The others found Kippie and after Glitter Diamond used Diamond Shower to create a slide, they finally reached Maya and Regina. Regina also realized she could not use her powers for reasons she didn't know.

Glitter spade and Johnny were happy to find Marie Angelica, however a Distain appeared, created from a mountain climber earlier. Maya transformed and together the Glitter Force finished off the Jikochū with Togetherness Power Arrow The Mercinare trio took Angelica and Regina away and headed back to Splendorious.