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Emily (Hoshizora Miyuki in the original Japanese version), is one of the main characters in Glitter Force.

Her alter ego is Glitter Lucky or (Cure Happy in the Japanese version.) She controls the power of Holy Light.

Her catchphrase is "Another happy ending!"



Emily has dark magenta eyes and medium-length hair worn up in a pair of cone-shaped buns held by yellow bows. Her bangs and forelocks frame the face, and she has a curled cowlick. She wears a pale pink long-sleeved top with a pale yellow and fuchsia vest, a layered pale pink and magenta mini-skirt, thigh length white stockings with pink stripes, and a pair of pink and white sneakers. For summer, she wears a ruffled short-sleeve pink top with a magenta ribbon on the chest, pale blue denim capri's and fuchsia sandals with ankle straps.

When Emily and Candy switch bodies, Candy's ears change to Emily’s buns while her eyes become more similar to Emily’s, while Emily’s hair turns into spherical buns and her cheeks become blushed.

Glitter Lucky

As Glitter Lucky, her eyes and hair lighten and her hair reaches her knees, worn in a low pair of twin-tails with a large curled strand of hair on each side of the head. She gains a white tiara with a dark pink gem and chibi wings to match her earrings. She wears a dark pink choker. Her short, light pink dress has dark pink detail and pearl pink ruffled trim. The sleeves have a feathered white layer with two, dark pink spheres on top, and on the chest is a magenta bow with a gold medallion in the center. A pair of short tails hang from the back of the skirt. She also gets white and light pink boots, fuchsia shorts, and white and magenta wrist pieces.

Tiara Mode

In Tiara mode, her tiara becomes a gold crown and she gains gold ribbon earrings, both adorned by a heart.

Princess Lucky

As Princess Lucky, her hair is tightly curled with her forelocks and cowlicks lengthening. She gains the tiara and earrings from Tiara Mode, along with gold wings and a halo. Over her outfit is a ruffled white dress with a ribbon on the back, and a pale pink and white striped ribbon on the chest, where her brooch resides.

Royal Mode

In Royal Mode, her hair thickens and grows longer, with her cowlicks resembling small pigtails. Her gold crown gains two pink diamond gems and gold wings, and she gets a large droplet gem earring. Her cure dress turns pale pink with light pink detail and shorts, and over her outfit is white feathery fabric covering the chest and hanging down the back like a cape. Beneath the brooch are small pink wings. Her choker turns white with a small pink gem, and her wrist piece becomes feathered with a pink ring and diamond on the wrist. Her boots gain a wing-like cuff, one ending at the knee while the other reaches mid-lower leg. She obtains white wings.


Emily is a happy-go-lucky young girl who can be very cute. She has an obsession with fairy tales and is determined to lead her family, friends, and the world towards a happy ending. Even when faced with seemingly insurmountable odds, she refuses to give up. Emily is incredibly protective of her friends, especially Candy.

As a child, Emily was more timid. She was incredibly shy and preferred reading picture books by herself to talking with her peers. Later, she learned the importance of a smile and friendship and thus became the exuberant girl she is today.


Kelsey - Emily's first friend at her new school. She admires Kelsey's sunny disposition and skill in volleyball and helps her practice. Emily valuing Kelsey as a companion inspired Kelsey to become Glitter Sunny.

Lily - Despite being shy and insecure, Lily's personality is very similar to Emily's. Both like stories (while Emily likes fairy tales, Lily likes cartoons) and drawing (Emily draws a picture book at the end of the show, while Lily draws comics throughout), and they get excited together over things like coming up with a team catchphrase.

April - Emily is in awe of April's skill in soccer and willingness to lay down the law, as well as her proficiency in taking care of her many siblings. This caused Emily to really want April in the Glitter Force. After joining the team, April says that she considers Emily, Kelsey, and Lily as a second family.

Chloe - Emily respects Chloe's intelligence, talent, and sense of responsibility. Because of this, Emily hoped Chloe would join the Glitter Force. She is disappointed when Chloe at first refuses, but when she later agrees to become part of the team, Emily is overjoyed.

Candy - Candy lives with Emily, and the two go together everywhere. Emily loves Candy and is protective of her. Although Emily occasionally gets mad at Candy for her failures, as seen in episode 8, she usually respects Candy for always trying her best. In return, Candy loves Emily, but she worries about her ditziness.


Emily is the feminine form of the name Emil, which means "singer, Romantic, caring,".[1]

Lucky may come from the phrase "happy-go-lucky", which describes Emily's personality. It may also be ironic, as Episode 12 is all about Emily being extremely lucky.

Her Japanese name Hoshizora means "starry sky", while Miyuki means "happiness".


Early Years

When Emily was a preschooler, she was shy and friendless, far from the outgoing, friendly girl she is currently. She was too scared to interact with people, so she stayed inside reading picture books. In an attempt to get Emily to make friends, Emily's grandmother gave her a mirror necklace shaped like a bird’s wing so that Emily could practice her smile and show it to other girls. Emily tried to make friends with some classmates using her smile, but she got scared and ran away. Emily took the mirror into the forest, where she met a mysterious, nameless girl sitting on top of a tall tree. Emily and the girl became best friends, and the girl eventually gave Emily the confidence to try making friends again. Emily succeeded this time, and she rushed to tell her best friend. However, Emily couldn't find her again. It's unknown to this day who the friend really was or where she came from.

Becoming Glitter Lucky

Just before the beginning of the show, Emily and her parents moved away from Emily's hometown to Rainbow Hills. Emily also had a recurring dream about herself and four other girls being part of a magical squad called the Glitter Force. Episode 1 starts with Emily having one of these dreams the night before her first day at her new school. Because of her dream, Emily is late to school the next day and has to rush. Along the way, she sees a flying book. A pixie named Candy pops out of the book and collides with Emily's face. Emily admires Candy's cuteness, and Candy introduces herself. However, Candy quickly rushes off, leaving her book behind. When Emily arrives at school, she is so nervous that she has a lot of trouble introducing herself to her new class. A redheaded girl named Kelsey intervenes to help her out. Kelsey makes jokes and introduces Emily to some other classmates: April, a super-talented soccer player; Chloe, the seemingly-perfect student council vice president; and Lily, a shy crybaby. Emily recognizes Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe from her dream. April and Chloe tell Kelsey to stop messing with Emily's introduction, but Kelsey's help makes Emily much more confident, and she is able to complete her introduction successfully. After the school day ends, Emily goes to the library to find a book about dreams. There, Emily finds a glowing spot in the bookcase. When Emily pushes the books around to investigate, she accidentally summons a portal to another world and is sucked in. Emily is excited to find herself in a magical library that seems to be right out of a fairytale. She finds that some of the books resemble Candy's book, so she puts it with them. Emily is then shocked when the book opens of its own volition and the voice of a being named Queen Euphoria talks to her. Euphoria tells Emily that she is the ruler of Jubiland, which was a peaceful kingdom until villains from the Shadow Realm wrought havoc upon the land. These villains were led by Emperor Nogo, and to defeat him, Euphoria had to give up the source of her power: the Glitter Charms. She sent Candy to Earth as a scout to find the Glitter Charms, as well as a group of superheroes called the Glitter Force. Emily is a part of this group, and it's the job of these warriors to collect all the Glitter Charms to revive the queen. Emily is excited about being a superhero. Then, she hears Candy's voice through a glowing spot in a bookcase. Just like before, she pushes the books around and finds herself sucked into a portal. This portal leads back to Earth, where Candy is frantically searching for the Glitter Force. Candy falls, but Emily catches her. Candy then tells her that one of Nogo's minions is here: a wolf-like being named Ulric. Ulric promptly casts a spell that causes everyone in Rainbow Hills except for himself, Candy, and Emily to fall into despair. Ulric then tries to intimidate Emily into handing over Candy. Emily refuses and is thus chased by Ulric. This greatly scares both Emily and Candy, but Emily still refuses to let Ulric have the pixie. Even when she trips and Ulric is about to slice her open, Emily is determined to give Candy and the Earth a happy ending. This causes a burst of pink light to appear around Emily. A device called a Glitter Pact is created, and Candy teaches Emily how to use the Glitter Pact to transform into a Glitter Force Warrior. Following her instructions, Emily transforms into the first Glitter Force Warrior: Glitter Lucky. Glitter Lucky is shocked at first, but she quickly grows to love her cute costume. She then takes Candy and hides behind the wall of a brick house, knowing that a big bad wolf such as Ulric wouldn't be able to blow it down. Ulric has more than breath up his sleeve, though, as he turns the house into a giant monster called a Buffoon. Lucky panics once again, but despite her anxiety, she is somehow able to beat the Buffoon into submission. Candy then tells Lucky to use her signature attack, Sparkle Storm. At first, Lucky is unable to perform it. However, when Candy tells her that she has to gather her spirit into the Glitter Pact to make the attack, Lucky does so and defeats the Buffoon, causing Ulric to retreat. Once the Buffoon's nose disintegrates, it reveals the first Glitter Charm: the Strawberry Charm. With the fight won, Emily is excited to help Candy save Jubiland.

The Formation of the Glitter Force

In Episode 2, Emily takes Candy to her house for the first time. There, Candy teaches Emily the traditional manner of greeting in Jubiland, as well as how to use the Strawberry Charm and the Glitter Pact to summon a giant strawberry. The next day at school, Kelsey completely dominates a game of volleyball in P.E. class. After this game, Emily decides to tell Kelsey and Lily about the Glitter Force. Before Emily can get very far, Candy tackles Emily away from them and scolds Emily for not keeping the Glitter Force a secret. Kelsey then tries to see the "talking lamb" Emily has, and Emily hides Candy from her. Kelsey eventually gives up and invites Emily to her volleyball practice. Emily is excited to come. However, Kelsey isn't doing so well, as her classmate, Jasmine, keeps beating her. After team practice, Kelsey does some more practice by herself, and Emily offers to help her. The next practice, Kelsey's skill has improved. However, Ulric arrives to ruin the moment by casting another despair spell and turning a volleyball into a Buffoon. Emily transforms into Glitter Lucky and finds physical combat with the Buffoon easier than last time. However, when she tries to perform Sparkle Storm, she aims incorrectly. When she tries again, she doesn't have enough energy to form another beam. Much to Lucky's distress, Candy forgot to tell her that she can only perform her attack once per transformation. The Buffoon captures Lucky in its giant hand and Ulric taunts her. However, Lucky refuses to give up. This resonates with Kelsey, enabling her to break out of the magically-induced despair. Lucky reveals to Kelsey that she's just a transformed Emily. Kelsey is afraid at first, but she quickly becomes determined to protect her friend. This determination allows Kelsey to transform into Glitter Sunny and defeat the Buffoon. In Episode 3, Emily and Kelsey notice that Lily is talented at drawing. Later that day, Chloe announces a poster contest to help promote cleaning up the schools. Lily is afraid to volunteer, as she doesn't want to fail, but Emily and Kelsey convince her to sign up. Emily and Candy pose for Lily's poster drawing. However, despite her best efforts, Lily only gets an honorable mention. To make matters worse, she's bullied by the first prize winner because of it. Lily runs out of the building in tears and crumples up her drawing. Right after this, a new Shadow Realm villain named Brute appears and casts his own despair spell, leaving everyone but himself, Candy, Emily, and Kelsey in despair. Brute then turns Lily's poster into a Buffoon. Emily and Kelsey transform to fight, but their powers aren't enough. With Lucky and Sunny down, Brute makes fun of Lily's lack of talent. This makes Lucky mad, and she stands up for Lily. This causes Lily to break out of her despair. Lily is so determined to be a superhero and protect her friends that she transforms into Glitter Peace. Peace is scared at first, but she manages to take the Buffoon down with her electric powers. In Episode 4, Emily, Kelsey, and Lily are eating lunch when two girls tell them to eat somewhere else, as the trio is sitting in their spot. The three are intimidated. Then, April steps in and tells them to stop bullying, as anyone is allowed to sit anywhere. Later that day, Emily tries to talk to April to invite her to join the Glitter Force, but April is surrounded by her teammates and thus is unable to talk to Emily. Emily then visits April at her house and discovers that she is the oldest sibling of six and takes care of them often. Later, Emily and April watch April's siblings play soccer, and Kelsey and Lily arrive as well due to Emily calling them. Suddenly, the scene is interrupted by Brute, who casts a despair spell and turns a soccer net into a Buffoon. The girls transform, but the Buffoon quickly defeats them. Lucky is trapped in its net. When the Buffoon is about to attack April's siblings, though, April snaps out of her despair and is able to transform into Glitter Spring. Spring uses her wind powers and super speed to defeat the Buffoon. After the fight, April tells Emily that she considers the Glitter Force to be a second family. In Episode 5, Emily arrives at school on time for once and finds Chloe watering the flowers. Emily marvels at Chloe's dedication to making the school beautiful and decides that she'd be perfect for the Glitter Force. Later, she and her friends help Chloe and the rest of the student council with a project. Every year, the student council president reads a storybook to the elementary schoolers. However, this year, the president is sick, and Chloe must read the book instead. Emily suggests making paper puppets to act out the story. The council likes her idea, and everyone gets to work making it a success. Unfortunately, the day of the reading is interrupted by a third Shadow Realm villain: Brooha. Brooha casts a despair spell and turns a mirror into a Buffoon. This Buffoon has the ability to clone itself, and to defeat the Buffoon, the Glitter Force must attack the real one. The warriors are unable to tell which one is real, so all four use up their one shot at attacking on fakes. With the Glitter Force taken down, Brooha callously crushes one of the puppets. This enrages Chloe and snaps her out of her despair. Chloe is so determined to protect her school that she transforms into the final Glitter Force Warrior: Glitter Breeze. Breeze is able to tell which Buffoon is real, as all the fakes are mirror images of it and have their features on opposite sides. Breeze takes down the real Buffoon with her ice power. Brooha retreats, the day is saved, and the Glitter Force is complete.

The First Set of Glitter Charms

In Episode 6, Emily meets Candy's older brother, Pop. She, Pop, Candy, and the rest of the Glitter Force travel to the library Emily got transported to in Episode 1: the Library of Legends. There, Emily once again hears about Queen Euphoria, Jubiland, and the purpose of the Glitter Force. Additionally, Pop gives the group the Charm Chest to store the Glitter Charms. After this, the Glitter Force comes up with a group catchphrase for themselves. In Episode 7, the girls try to find a hideout where they can talk about Glitter Force matters without other people hearing. Each of the girls has a different idea, and they use the magical bookcase portal to go to the places they have in mind. Emily's idea is a secret spot in the forest of her hometown that she used to share with a friend. However, since Emily left, two other girls have taken the spot. Emily is disappointed, but she decides that it's a good idea to let the next generation have the spot. Eventually, the team uses the Star Charm to create a house in the Library of Legends and chooses this house as their hideout. In Episode 8, Emily and Candy stumble across lost magical rings belonging to Brooha. These rings cause Emily and Candy to switch bodies. In Emily's body, Candy wreaks havoc at school, landing Emily in lots of trouble. This makes Emily upset, and she chews Candy out. Emily later feels guilty about this and goes to apologize to Candy. Before she can, though, Brooha attacks. Candy tries to transform into Glitter Lucky, but she can't. Then, Emily finally finds Candy. Emily apologizes and Candy gives her the Glitter Pact. In Candy's body, Emily is able to transform into a new persona: Glitter Candy. Glitter Candy's small body and prehensile hair allow her to defeat Brooha's buffoon, get the antidote to the body-switching curse, and save the day. In Episode 11, Candy gains the power to summon the Tiara Charms, and Glitter Lucky gets the ability to perform Tiara Mode Torrent along with the other members of the Glitter Force. In Episode 12, Emily and the others go on a trip to the Asia Pacific Expo, a tourist spot with replicas of temples and other features from Japan. While there, the Glitter Force members get their fortunes told, and Emily is dismayed to receive a fortune saying she has bad luck. Throughout that day and the next, Emily turns out to have horrific luck. At first, Emily has fun despite getting covered in water, pooped on by a bird, and hit on the head, among other things. However, when Brute attacks and turns her bad fortune into a Buffoon, Glitter Lucky's bad luck causes a lot of difficulty for her teammates. This makes Lucky feel guilty. Her friends reassure her that they've had fun with her despite her bad luck. Together, they use Rainbow Burst to defeat the Buffoon. Having defeated her bad fortune in combat, Emily's luck turns around, as the girls are able to meet some geisha and take pictures with them. In Episode 13, the team is still at the Asia-Pacific Expo. Emily, Lily, and Candy get separated from the others and have to find them. Along the way, they have fun travelling and eating, and they're treated to candy by some parent chaperones. Things turn sour when Brooha turns a giant tower into a Buffoon while Emily, Lily, and Candy are inside. They have to be saved by Glitter Sunny, Glitter Spring, and Glitter Breeze. In Episode 14, Emily forgets about Mother's Day and has to scramble to make her a present. She tries to do chores, but she messes them all up. Emily then tries making her a bracelet, but she thinks that it's childish and not good enough for her mother. It doesn't help when Ulric attacks, breaks part of the bracelet, and mocks it. Fortunately, Emily's friends convince her that it's the thought that counts. After the fight, Emily gives the bracelet to her mother, and her mother loves it. In Episode 17, Candy finds a magical camera created by Brooha and accidentally turns Emily and Kelsey invisible with it. The girls struggle to get through the school day while invisible, but they make do using P.E. clothing. Eventually, they come across Brooha, who has taken the camera back and turned herself invisible. She uses the camera to turn Emily and Kelsey visible again, but this turns into a problem when Brooha and her Buffoon are invisible to the Glitter Force, as it's difficult to fight an invisible foe. Fortunately, Glitter Breeze uses Sparkle Blizzard to create a snowstorm, when forms a coat of snow on top of the Buffoon, allowing the Glitter Force to locate it and defeat it with Tiara Mode Torrent.

The Last Glitter Charm and Emperor Nogo's Revival

In Episode 18, the group, Pop included, celebrates a Japanese holiday called the Star Festival. This holiday involves writing one's wishes on slips of paper and attaching them to a bamboo tree. For decoration, Emily takes the Star Charm out of the Charm Chest and attaches it to the tree. After a fight with Brute, the Glitter Force gains the last Glitter Charm: the Sunflower Charm. However, before they can put it in the Charm Chest, a fourth villain named Rascal appears. He steals the Sunflower Charm and the Charm Chest, kidnaps Candy, and teleports away to the Shadow Realm. In Episode 19, the team prepares to go to the Shadow Realm. To get there, they must go to Jubiland first. They find that the place is oddly quiet, and Pop explains that all of the pixies have been hiding in their homes since Euphoria used up her power. Before they can progress very far, they are intercepted by Rascal, who defeats the Glitter Force without breaking a sweat. He then collects despair from the Glitter Force. This is the last bit of despair that Rascal requires to revive Emperor Nogo. Once Rascal leaves, the girls are left with a difficult choice. If they try to rescue Candy, they'll likely fail, as they can't defeat Nogo if they can't even defeat Rascal. Additionally, they won't be able to see their families and friends one last time before the world ends. However, if they go home to say their goodbyes, there will be no hope of rescuing Candy and saving the world. The girls separate to make this decision. After Emily deliberates, she sees a wish Candy wrote: to be able to make Emily as happy as she's made her. Seeing this wish makes Emily determined to not abandon her pixie friend. The other four make the same decision, so the Glitter Force and Pop travel to the Shadow Realm. In Episode 23, the Glitter Force and Pop are almost immediately confronted by Ulric, Brute, Brooha, and Rascal. The others take the four villains on so that Glitter Lucky can press on ahead to rescue Candy. Lucky makes her way across a lake of lava and finally reaches the island that Candy is trapped on. She also finds that the Charm Chest is lying on the ground. Before Lucky can grab it, though, it turns into a yellow-nosed Buffoon that easily defeats Lucky in combat - that is, until Lucky, determined to protect Candy, gets a second wind and finishes off the Buffoon using Sparkle Storm. She frees Candy, grabs the Charm Chest, and gets out of there just before the island collapses and falls into the lava. Lucky and Candy reunite with their friends, who have defeated the villains. Excited, the group puts the Star Charm into the Charm Chest. Surprisingly, nothing happens. Then, Emperor Nogo reawakens and emerges from the lava lake. Nogo prepares a giant beam of darkness that is powerful enough to destroy the universe. As Pop flies Candy to safety, the Glitter Force uses Tiara Mode Torrent. While this does make the beam incapable of destroying the universe, it takes out the Glitter Force with ease. As they fall, Candy shouts that the Glitter Force will never lose. This reawakens Lucky's conviction to not let Nogo win. Lucky's determination allows the Glitter Force to hear Queen Euphoria's voice. Euphoria grants the team a new power: Glitter Princess Mode. She turns their Glitter Pacts into Princess Wands, allowing them to perform a new attack called Rainbow Burst. The attack doesn't completely defeat Nogo, but it reverts him into a spiky egg and flings the egg out into space. With the battle won, the villains defeated, and Candy rescued, the team celebrates their victory.

The Second Set of Glitter Charms

In Episode 1 (season 2), the Glitter Force, Candy, and Pop visit Jubiland and get to meet all of the pixies now that they're no longer afraid of Nogo. Unfortunately, it seems that Queen Euphoria hasn't been revived despite the Charm Chest being filled. While Pop researches the issue, the Glitter Force and Candy go on a tour of the fairy-tale kingdom. Their adventure is cut short when Ulric, having not been killed in the fight, summons a new type of Buffoon called a Super Buffoon. None of the Glitter Force's individual attacks work on it, and neither does Tiara Mode Torrent. Fortunately, the team is able to turn their Glitter Pacts back into Princess Wands and use Rainbow Burst again to take out the Buffoon. Its nose is destroyed, yielding four Glitter Charms instead of one. After Ulric retreats, the team hears Queen Euphoria's voice, so they return to her castle. Euphoria still doesn't have the power to fully awaken, but she is able to communicate telepathically. The reason Euphoria isn't revived is because she used the power of the 16 Glitter Charms to create the Princess Wands so the Glitter Force could defeat Nogo. There is no more power left to revive Euphoria, so the Glitter Force must collect 12 more Glitter Charms to fill up the Charm Chest a second time. By Episode 5 (season 2), the Glitter Force has collected all 16 Glitter Charms.

The Royal Clock

In Episode 6 (season 2), the Glitter Force puts the last Glitter Charms into the Charm Chest. However, instead of reviving Queen Euphoria, it summons a mysterious object. Nobody, not even Candy, knows what it is. While trying to explain it, Candy suddenly becomes hungry, so the group splits a cookie into six pieces for everyone to eat. Candy is reluctant to have such a small piece of the cookie, but Emily tells her that the cookie tastes better when everyone eats it together. Candy takes a bite and finds that Emily is right. Then, Pop arrives and explains that the object is the Royal Clock and that it can grant the Glitter Force new powers. When Pop bangs on the clock, it lights up, and Queen Euphoria speaks to the group through it. She says that until the Glitter Force and Candy become stronger, the Royal Clock cannot unleash its true powers. Euphoria then tells them that Ulric has arrived and cast a despair spell. The Royal Clock flies to Ulric's location, leading the group there. Once they arrive, Ulric summons a new type of Buffoon: the Twilight Buffoon. This Buffoon is stronger than a Super Buffoon, and Ulric can jump inside of it and pilot it. The Twilight Buffoon proves to be too strong for the Glitter Force to defeat. Just when things seem to not be able to get any worse, Rascal appears and traps Candy inside a magical device called the Dream Ball. This ball generates an illusion of a perfect world where Candy is given everything she wants and has no desire to escape. With Candy inside of the ball, she can't unleash her latent power and save the Glitter Force. The Glitter Force calls to Candy to try to get her to snap out of the Dream Ball's fake world. Eventually, they succeed. Candy remembers what Emily taught her and realizes that having one's friends in the imperfect real world is better than being all alone in the perfect fake world. She leaves the Dream Ball. Once she sees the Glitter Force beaten up, she's so upset that her emotional power summons the fiery wings of the Phoenix, giving Candy the power to turn the Twilight Buffoon into a regular Super Buffoon. Now, the Glitter Force is able to use Rainbow Burst to defeat the Buffoon. Their victory is short-lived, as Rascal is quick to trap Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe in the Dream Ball. In Episode 7 (season 2), Emily enters the Dream Ball to save her friends. She finds herself in a world where nobody has to go to school or clubs and can spend all day playing at an amusement park. Emily is at first determined to get her friends out of there. However, after eating a donut at the amusement park, Emily falls prey to complacency with the fake world, just like her friends. When Emily doesn't come out of the Dream Ball, Candy goes in after her. Once inside the Dream Ball, Candy reminds Emily about what she taught her when she split up the cookie. This snaps Emily out of the spell. However, the two are unable to do the same for the other four. Emily tries another strategy. She transforms into Glitter Lucky and uses Sparkle Storm on the world to try to destroy it. However, Rascal enters the Dream Ball and absorbs the attack with one of his magical cards. He then turns a roller coaster into a yellow-nosed Buffoon and Glitter Lucky is forced to fight it alone. This Buffoon is very strong, and Lucky has a difficult and painful time going against it. She calls out to her friends, but they don't snap out of the Dream Ball's spell. Nonetheless, Lucky keeps trying and keeps talking. Eventually, Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe remember their memories of life outside the Dream Ball. They regain their senses, transform, and aid Glitter Lucky in the fight. The five of them leave the Dream Ball together. Rascal won't let them win so easily, though. He coats the Buffoon's nose in paint, turning it into a Twilight Buffoon. Fortunately, the Glitter Force and Candy use the Royal Clock to perform a new attack: Royal Rainbow Burst. When the attack is performed, the hand on the clock turns to 1. Once the hand turns to 12, the Royal Clock will be complete. In Episode 11 (season 2), Emily and Candy are sucked into a mysterious, sparkling picture book. They find themselves in a fantasy world, and much to Emily's delight, she's become Cinderella. It turns out that the book she was sucked into is the original "Cinderella" story, and that if the events in it change, all of the other versions of "Cinderella" will change accordingly. Ulric, Brute, and Brooha take this opportunity to jump into the book themselves and do their best to give the story an unhappy ending. Ulric and Brute play Cinderella's evil stepsisters, and Brooha plays Cinderella's stepmother. Kelsey, Lily, April, and Chloe enter the book as well in order to help Emily out. Lily becomes the fairy godmother, Chloe becomes Prince Charming, and Kelsey and April become mice. The villain trio has a lot of dirty tricks up their sleeves. They trap the fairy godmother in a cage, blow Emily's carriage off course, and even turn Cinderella's glass slipper into a Buffoon. What's more, everyone but Emily forgot to bring their Glitter Pacts. Glitter Lucky won't give up so easily, though. During the fight with the Buffoon, she activates her Glitter Princess Mode and destroys the Buffoon with a brand-new attack: Cinderella Sparkle Storm. After the fight, Chloe gives Emily her missing slipper, and the Glitter Force preserves the fairy tale's happy ending. In Episode 16 (season 2), Emily tells her friends about her past as a young child and the mysterious girl who taught her how to make friends. Then, Emily finds a young girl who is separated from her mother. While the others look for her mother, Emily stays with the girl to comfort him. Then, Ulric attacks, turning a brick house into a Twilight Buffoon. At first, the super-charged Buffoon is no match for Glitter Lucky. However, Lucky refuses to give up. When Ulric taunts Emily and says that friendship is worthless, Lucky becomes so angry that she gains a new Glitter Charm and gains a glowing aura called Ultra Power. This allows her to use a new attack: Sparkle Storm Shining. This attack doesn't defeat the Buffoon, but it stalls for time so that the other four can join Glitter Lucky and perform Royal Rainbow Burst. This attack defeats the Buffoon and brings the Royal Clock to its final click.

The Final Battle

In Episode 17 (season 2), the Royal Clock suddenly glows and pulls Candy inside of it. This turns Candy into the Miracle Jewel. At the same time, Emperor Nogo's egg, now giant, is hurtling towards Earth. Pop arrives to explain what's going on. Before he can say much, Ulric, Brute, and Brooha team up to challenge the Glitter Force to one last fight. This is the last chance Rascal is giving them to defeat the Glitter Force, so they have a new invention: a Twilight Buffoon nose that can be used on themselves. With this nose, they power up into their ultimate forms. The powered-up villains easily defeat the Glitter Force, even when they use their upgraded individual attacks. After defeating the warriors, the villains reveal to them why they're fighting: for their entire lives, they've been treated horribly due to being storybook villains. These characters can't help being storybook villains: it's their job to provide an antagonistic force for their fairy tales to make it possible for there to be a story in the first place. Despite this, everyone else ruthlessly threatens them with violence and treats them like they're less than human. They joined with Rascal and Nogo so that they could make everybody feel as miserable as they made them. Upon hearing this, Glitter Lucky can't find it in her to fight the villains, as she feels sorry for them. At first, the trio refuses to believe that the Glitter Force truly feels sorry for them, and they try to attack. Fortunately, a miracle occurs. Ulric, Brute, Brooha, and Glitter Lucky are somehow transported to an alternate world, where Glitter Lucky becomes giant. She hugs the three villains to her chest, causing the darkness in their hearts to leave their bodies. Upon returning to the real world, Lucky discovers that the trio has recovered their true forms: pixies from Jubiland. Even though Ulric, Brute, and Brooha are no longer fighting them, the Glitter Force's troubles are far from over. Rascal enters the scene and combines five colored cards, the last Glitter Charm, and the darkness that once resided in the Shadow Realm generals' hearts to create dark clones of the Glitter Force: the Glitter Shadow Force. In Episode 18 (season 2), Rascal sends each Glitter Force Warrior to an alternate universe to fight her evil counterpart. Glitter Lucky is trapped in a realm filled with small, floating islands of rock. She's accompanied by her evil clone, Shadow Lucky. Much like Glitter Lucky, Shadow Lucky loves happiness. Unlike Glitter Lucky, Shadow Lucky is happiest when others are suffering, as she feels lucky to be the one who's happy. Shadow Lucky does her best to inflict suffering on her good counterpart. While the two fight, Glitter Lucky is able to see into the real world, where she discovers that Queen Euphoria is using the last of her life force to protect the Miracle Jewel and that Candy is Queen Euphoria's daughter. Glitter Lucky eventually defeats Shadow Lucky with Sparkle Storm Shining and returns to the real world. Upon returning to the real world, Glitter Lucky finds that the entire planet is now a barren desert, thanks to Rascal collecting negative energy from everybody on the planet. The other four Glitter Force Warriors have also defeated their evil counterparts. Suddenly, Rascal is covered the black paint used to cast the unhappy ending spells. Rascal is excited to find that Emperor Nogo wants to absorb Rascal and gain his power. He lets himself melt into a puddle of black goo, and it all disappears. Then, several gigantic beings emerge from the Earth. Pop says that these are the Shadow Giants, the creatures that first brought despair to Jubiland. Praying for a miracle, Pop puts the final Glitter Charm into the Charm Chest. This causes the Miracle Jewel to crack open, and Candy emerges in a new, humanoid form. In Episode 19 (season 2), the Glitter Force, Candy, and a projection of Queen Euphoria are in an alternate realm. Queen Euphoria says that Candy has finally awoken as the new Queen of Jubiland. She gives the Glitter Force the book that Candy first came to Earth in and entrusts Queen Candy with the Miracle Jewel, which has transformed into a flower-shaped brooch that has the power to grant the team hope even during the darkest despair. With all of her power spent, Queen Euphoria dies, leaving Queen Candy in tears. The Glitter Force and Queen Candy find themselves back in the real world, where Emperor Nogo has awaken and assumed a new form. The Glitter Force prepares to fight, but one of the Shadow Giants blows so hard that a strong wind is generated and the Glitter Force cannot move forward. All is not lost, however; now that Candy is Queen Candy, she has new powers. She flies to where she can see all of the Shadow Giants and then uses magic to make them all keel over in pain. Nogo uses his power to make the Shadow Giants stronger, but Queen Candy doesn't yield. Then, Nogo summons shadowy monsters unlike anything the Glitter Force has seen before. They all activate their Ultra Power, and Glitter Lucky uses Sparkle Storm Shining to take down her share of the monsters. However, the monsters regenerate, and it's as if the Glitter Force never attacked at all. The girls continue to fight, but Nogo creates an explosion that knocks the wind out of all of them. Shortly after this, Pop trips and falls, dropping Candy's book. Nogo takes this opportunity to cover the inside of the book in dark paint. This causes the Glitter Force to fall into a literal world of despair. Seeing no reason to go on, Glitter Lucky lies down in a field of mud and lets herself sink so deep that she ends up going through the earth and into an ocean. Fortunately, Candy uses the Miracle Jewel to talk to them from the real world. She calls to them to not lose hope, and all of the Glitter Force Warriors snap out of their state of hopelessness and start swimming to the surface. Dark tentacles rise up from the ground and try to pull them down, but Queen Candy reaches into the world of despair and grabs Glitter Lucky's hand, pulling her back into the real world and saving all five of them from eternal despair. Saving the Glitter Force took all of Queen Candy's energy, so she faints and starts to fall from the sky. The Shadow Giants take this chance to try to finish the young queen off, but the Glitter Force intervenes just in time. Their desire to protect Candy earns them a new form: Royal Mode. In this form, they gain the ability to fly and teleport. Candy is unconscious and has reverted to her pixie form, so Royal Lucky entrusts Pop with her. The Glitter Force proceeds to beat up Emperor Nogo. They seem to pummel him into a pulp, but he's still alive and has some more tricks. Nogo absorbs his Shadow Giants and transforms into a black hole. Now, he can destroy not only the Glitter Force, but the entire planet as well. In Episode 20 (season 2), the Glitter Force uses Royal Rainbow Burst to try to defeat Nogo. However, he easily destroys the beam with his gigantic hand. He then slaps the Earth, blowing the Glitter Force away with such force that their transformations disappear and they return to normal. What's more, their Glitter Pacts have been turned to stone, so they can't transform again. Nogo taunts them for failing to save the world, but the Glitter Force refuses to give up, as they still have things to do on this planet. Their determination causes the Miracle Jewel to light up. Pop and the now-awake Candy are excited to say that they can use the Miracle Jewel to transform again. However, doing so would use up the last of the Miracle Jewel's power. This means that the link between Earth and Jubiland would be severed and that the girls would never be able to see Candy and Pop again. Emily is in tears at the idea of having to leave Candy forever, but she and the others agree that they have to use the Miracle Jewel anyway to save the world. Candy activates the Miracle Jewel, transforming the Glitter Force into Royal Mode and Candy into Queen Candy. The six team up to perform their most powerful attack yet: Miracle Rainbow Burst. The attack causes Glitter Lucky to become the size of the Earth. She hugs Emperor Nogo, causing him to disintegrate and defeating him for good. The girls transform back to normal for the last time, and the Earth has returned to its normal state as well. The girls don't have much time to celebrate their victory, however, as Candy and Pop start floating away to Jubiland. Candy is in tears, but Emily persuades her to smile. The group says their final goodbyes, and Candy and Pop disappear. The girls aren't too disheartened, however, as they're sure Candy will find some way to see them again. Time passes, and Emily still values not only happy endings, but happy beginnings and middles. She still hangs out in the library and spends time with her friends. She still misses Candy, though. To pass the time without her, Emily is making her own picture book detailing all the adventures the group has been through. Then, Emily gets the idea that if she replicates the actions she performed on the day she met Candy, she might run into her again. Just like before, Emily is running late for school, and she turns the corner. To Emily's surprise, Candy flies down from the sky just like before. The two hug and enjoy a tearful reunion. Shortly afterward, the other four come running and are delighted to see Candy again. Candy says that she was able to return thanks to wishing on a star. The six run up a hill together to celebrate their reunion, and the story ends.

Glitter Lucky

Glitter Lucky poses after transforming

"A fabulous shimmer! A glow in your heart! I'm Glitter Lucky!"

Glitter Lucky is Emily's Glitter Force alter ego. She is the pink leader of the Glitter Force and she controls light. Glitter Lucky has the power of Holy Light, which enables her create bursts of light around herself and enhances her leaping capabilities. She can jump very high to the sky, but has troubles landing. She is also capable of flight.

In Smile Pretty Cure!, her introduction is, "Twinkling and shining, the light of the future! Cure Happy!" (キラキラ輝く未来の光!キュアハッピー! Kirakira kagayaku mirai no hikari! Kyua Happī!)


Emily's Glitter Pact opens. She puts her transformation Glitter Charm into a recess in the Glitter Pact and says, "Insert Glitter Charm!" Then, she says, "Glitter Force Makeover!" to begin her transformation. A powder puff emerges from the Glitter Pact, and as Emily grabs it, she says, "Glitter Puff! Apply shades of power!" She taps the puff once to her arm to make her armbands appear (saying, "Puff, puff, Glitter Bands!"). Next, she taps the puff twice to her leg to make her boots appear ("Puff, puff, Glitter Boots!"). Then, she taps the puff thrice to her chest, causing her top and skirt to appear ("Puff, puff, puff! I'm glitter-tastic!"). Finally, her hair transforms, and she taps the puff to her cheeks to make blush appear on her face. Glitter Lucky falls from the sky and flips in mid-air. Upon landing on her feet, she shouts her catchphrase and strikes a pose.


Group Attacks

  • Tiara Mode Torrent - The first group attack that she first used with Glitter Sunny, Peace, Spring and Breeze in Episode 11. To perform it, they need to be in Tiara Mode and use their jewel-shaped Glitter Charms.
  • Rainbow Burst - The second group attack, which appears in Episode 20 and requires the use of the Princess Wands while in Princess Mode.
    • Royal Rainbow Burst - An upgraded version of Rainbow Burst. Not only does the Glitter Force need their Princess Wands and to be in Princess Mode, but they also need Candy and the Royal Clock. The attack is first used in Episode 27. For the most part, it retains its name in the original Japanese version, but the version in Episode 40 without the Royal Clock is called Ultra Rainbow Burst.
    • Miracle Rainbow Burst - The ultimate version of Rainbow Burst and the Glitter Force's final group attack. For this attack, the Glitter Force must be in Ultra Mode, Candy must be transformed into Queen Candy, and all six must have the Miracle Jewel. It is used for the first and only time in Episode 40.


Tiara Mode

Glitter Lucky's tiara in Tiara Mode

Tiara Mode is a form that Glitter Lucky achieves using her Glitter Pact and the pink Tiara Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 11. In this form, Glitter Lucky gains a golden tiara. This form is only used to perform Tiara Mode Torrent.

Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Lucky in Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Princess Mode is a form that Glitter Lucky achieves using her Princess Wand and the pink cherry blossom Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 20. In this form, Glitter Lucky has the tiara from Tiara Mode, a light pink dress that she wears over her normal outfit, and a golden halo. This form is used to perform Rainbow Burst and its variants, as well as Cinderella Sparkle Storm.

Ultra Power

Ultra Power, also called Ultra Mode, is a form that Glitter Lucky achieves using her Glitter Pact and her ultra Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 16 (season 2). This form is exactly the same as Glitter Lucky's normal form, with the exception of a pink aura that surrounds her. In this form, Glitter Lucky is much stronger physically and magically, and she can perform Sparkle Storm Shining.

Royal Mode

Royal Mode is a form that Glitter Lucky achieves using her Glitter Pact and her ultra Glitter Charm. In this form, Glitter Lucky gains a feathery overcoat. She first gets this form in Episode 19 (season 2). In this form, Glitter Lucky's physical and magical powers are enhanced even more so than when her Ultra Power is activated. Additionally, she can fly and teleport when in this mode. Glitter Lucky is able to perform Royal Rainbow Burst and Miracle Rainbow Burst while in Royal Mode.

Glitter Candy

Glitter Candy poses after transformation

Magic and innocence! The strength of a wish! I'm Glitter Candy!

During Episode 8, Emily and Candy accidentally switched bodies due to Brooha's rings. Because of this, Candy (in Emily’s body) could not transform into Glitter Lucky because she wasn’t actually her. However, Emily (in Candy's body) was able to transform, not into Glitter Lucky, but into a parody named Glitter Candy (or Cure Candy in Smile Pretty Cure!).

Glitter Candy has similar powers to Glitter Lucky. Despite being very small, Glitter Candy is very good at punching her enemies with her prehensile ears.

In the Japanese version, her name is Cure Candy, and her introduction is, "Rolling and glittering, the light of the future! Cure Candy!" (クルクルきらめく未来の光!キュアキャンディ! Kurukuru kirameku mirai no hikari! Kyua Kyandi!)


The Glitter Pact opens, and Emily, who is in Candy's body, sets the pink ribbon Glitter Charm into the recess as she says, "Insert Glitter Charm!" The Glitter Pact replies, "Activate Glitter Pact!" The pink light lights up first, followed by the seven lights inside the Glitter Pact in sequence. Emily then shouts, "Glitter Force Makeover!" The Glitter Pact produces a powder puff, which Emily taps on the Glitter Pact to collect up magic powder. Emily taps her chest, causing the top half of her dress to appear. Then, pink silhouettes of her skirt and boots appear. Her right boot fully materializes, followed by her left boot and then her skirt. Her bow and wing-shaped hair-clips appear and her hair lengthens and changes style. Blush appears on her cheeks. Finally, Glitter Candy tumbles down from the sky, says her battle cry, introduces herself, and strikes a final pose.


Sparkle Storm - Like Lucky, Glitter Candy is able to perform purification attack Sparkle Storm, though she uses her ears to draw the heart instead of her hands.





Glitter Force - Episode 1 Clip - An Exciting Beginning

Glitter Lucky’s Transformation


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