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A heart before it is turned into a Distain

Distains (Jikochuus in the Japanese verison, Doki Doki! Pretty Cure) are monsters that are summoned by a human's selfish thoughts and actions. Usually humans resist the dark feelings, but if one of King Mercenare's goons are around, they will rip the dark heart out of the human, and turn it into a Distain. When it's defeated, it says something good about itself and disappears(e.g. in one episode, a paper Distain says that he “feels like writing Valentines” and in another episode, a jumbo jet Distain says ”free snacks and WiFi for everyone.“)

How It Is Summoned

It first starts when a person has a selfish thought and the good heart is shown to darken a bit at the corner. But the person usually resists the feelings and the dark corner turns good again. But, if one of King Mercenare's goons are there, they will tell the person to pursue his/her selfish thought and then they will force the heart to go all dark. Since the dark heart is not truly owned by the person, it rips itself out of the body and bat wings grow out from the sides. Then, they will use the dark heart to make a Distain.

For Regina

Regina's process is different. First, she is shown dancing in a maroon background decorated with bats and she says "Distain time!"(usually). Then, she flies up and uses a finger to summon a circle of dark energy which she shoots down to color a good heart black in zigzags. Then, the rest of the heart automatically darkens and it rips itself out of the body, grows bat wings, and makes itself become a Distain.

List of Distains

| Episode
Monster Form Abilities Summoned by Defeated with Origin


JikochuuGorilla.png Gorilla Superstrength King Mercenare -

Togetherness Power Arrow

Transformed citizen of Splendorious


Pig Distain .png
Snowman Distain .png

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