Dina (or Ai in Doki Doki Pretty Cure)is a mysterious baby pixie, born from an egg. She is Natalie's partner, and assists her to become Glitter Ace. She is Princess Marie Angelica's body.

A mysterious winged baby, she was found by Johnny in a big egg and hatched when Maya and the others come across it. She has various magic abilities, some of which are used based on her mood with others helping to power up the Glitter Force. She also has her own set of Glitter Charms that are used with the Glitter Pads that summon things to look after her, such as milk bottles. She often says "dina", hence her name, but starts learning to speak proper words as the series progresses.

Before the events of the show, Dina helped Natalie transform into Glitter Ace. However, Natalie was defeated by King Mercenare, which led to Dina being reverted to an egg and becoming separated from her. She is later reunited with Natalie after the Royal Crystals are gathered. She initially lives with Johnny, but later uses her magic to convince Maya's family that she is her sister and stays at her house. It is later revealed that she was sent by Princess Marie Angelica to serve as a shield that protects against a Mercenare's influence, which weakens if she is in a bad mood, causing the Mercenare to grow stronger instead. It is later revealed that Dina is the form that Marie Angelica had taken after removing her psyche. Dina's motif is based on the cupid.



Just like any baby, Dina is a jolly baby and can cry a lot. Despite that, Dina can be very playful though, sometimes too playful, especially when she uses her bib's magic.


Dina is a little baby with blue eyes and a curvy marking at the edge of them. She wears a all-in-one yellow baby suit and a white bib with blue frills and a pink heart in the center. She also wears light purple shoes.


Dina is a baby born from an egg and she's quite mysterious. The girls named her Dina due to constantly saying "Dina". When Princess Marie Angelica was separated from Glitter Spade, she broke her heart into two, resulting in Regina and Natalie. Once she did that, her body transformed into Dina. The process can't be reversed, so Marie Angelica will live as Dina.



  • In the Japanese, if Dina were to be selfish, she would power up the Mercenares and their Distains.