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Davi is a purple, cat-like pixie who helps Mackenzie transform into Glitter Spade.


She can transform into an adult human, acting in the role of Mackenzie's manager. She's strict, but she still cares about Mackenzie. In the Japanese version, she ends her sentences with "~da byi!" or "~byi!". She is named after "David", the King of Spades.


  • Davi is the second female pixie after Kippie.
  • Her pixie form isn't fully revealed until Episode 5. However, when Maya gets a letter from Davi, there is a silhouette of Davi running away in pixie form.
  • She is the only pixie to not have a bushy tail. Instead, she has a slim and long tail, like a cat's.
  • She pretends to be Mackenzie's bodyguard.


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