Note: The name is not exactly mentioned, but the title is the name with the most possibility.

Clover Wall (or Rosetta Wall in the Japanese version) is Glitter Clover's first attack. It is first used in Episode 3.

How It Works

First, Clover inserts the special attack Glitter Charm on the Glitter Pad's medallion and draws a heart on the screen, making the smaller heart inside it blink 2 times as it says "Doki Doki!" Then she puts her hands together, her palms facing, and then pushes them forward in front of her as two medium-sized clovers appear on her palms and she jumps backwards, now holding the clovers to the sides. She then uses the clovers as shields to block a attack.


  • The barriers are shown to be able to block the punch of a force as strong as Gura's.
  • This attack is the only basic attack that is in a shield form.