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Clara Yotsuba (Yotsuba Alice in the original Japanese version), is one of the main characters in Glitter Force Doki Doki.

Her alter ego is Glitter Clover or (Cure Rosetta in the Japanese version.)



Clara has dark orange eyes and light brown hair worn up in buns with a curled strand hanging from each side, her straight bangs frame her face. Her hair is decorated by tiny green clovers.

Casually, she wears a white and pastel yellow frilly dress with a yellow cardigan that has orange ribbons and bows. She also wears black Mary-Jane's and dark yellow tights.

During summer, she wears a pale yellow dress, a short-sleeved jacket with a clover design on the chest, and a light orange choker.

Glitter Clover

As Glitter Clover, her eyes brighten and her hair turns orange, worn in curled twin-tails held by two loops of hair. On each side is a clover with gold heart in the center to accent the petals surrounding it. She gains a pointed, light green choker and clover earrings. She wears a yellow dress in light green detail and a thick white stripe going down the center to match her puffed sleeves. At the navel is a light green ribbon to

match the fabric beneath the gold heart on her chest. Her scalloped skirt is lined in pale yellow with a white pointed trim over her frilly petticoat. She gains white and yellow boots with a light green cuff and yellow bow, matching her wrist pieces.


Alice is the mistress and heiress of Yotsuba Enterprises, an extremely successful business conglomerate. She is gentle and quiet, and has a somewhat bubbly manner and is always calm. Due to her upbringing, she is a girl of many talents, from music to martial arts to cooking. However, she sometimes says or does things which deviate from popular sentiment, shocking her friends, or just show it by going and introducing things and places owned by Yotsuba Industries, and consequently, owned by her.

Despite her quiet nature, her anger is something to be wary of. Though rare, she can have powerful releases of her rage, especially if someone makes fun of or hurts her friends' feelings, and is very capable of beating up the ones at fault. Once calm and in control, she later regrets hurting them.


Maya Aida and Rachel: The three of them have been good friends since middle childhood and are on the Glitter Force together. Although they attend different schools, they still hang out together and have tea parties.

Mackenzie Mack and Natalie Miller: Fellow Glitter Force warriors.

Sebastian: Clara's loyal butler.

Nellie Knotty: An acquaintance of Clara's and, from Nellie's perspective, a rival.

Lance: Clara's pixie partner.


Clara means "clear", "bright" or "famous".

Yotsuba (四葉?) : Yotsuba (四葉) means "four leaves" or "four-leafed", referring to a clover, which is similar in shape to Glitter Clover's designated card suit, the club.

Her Japanese name is Arisu / Alice (ありす?) , as the canon spelling of her name is currently unknown. "Arisu" ("有栖") is a common Japanese girl name, which comes from "有栖川", a common surname for Japanese royalty. In English, "Alice" means "noble", and is probably a tribute to the main character "Alice" from Lewis Carroll's story, Through the Looking Glass. Carroll's Alice travelled to a card-themed land named the Kingdom of Hearts, which fits in with the card theme of Glitter Force Doki Doki.


Maya and Rachel first met Clara when they were young, as they attended the same elementary school. In elementary school when Clara was bullied by older boys in the school, Maya stepped in and defended her. Later when the boys bring their older brother back, Clara gets mad and beats them up using her martial arts skills. She finds out about the Glitter Force from the security cameras at Clover Tower and a couple of other areas but has the footage erased to protect the secret. She also finds Lance when Rachel and Maya accidentally leave him at school. Clara is a bit afraid to use her powers at first, preferring to support the Glitter Force from the sidelines. Eventually, she overcomes her fear and steps in to help her friends and transforms into Glitter Clover to protect them.

Glitter Clover

Glitter Clover poses after transforming

"As warm and bright as the sun! I'm Glitter Clover!"

Glitter Clover is Clara's alter ego. She represents warmth. In Doki Doki Pretty Cure!, her introduction is "The warmth of the sun! Cure Rosetta!" ( 陽だまりポカポカ!キュアロゼッタ! Hidamari pokapoka! Kyua Rozetta!)


Lance cries out his name before Clara places her transformation Glitter Charm onto Lance's silver heart medallion object and shouts "Glitter Force Makeover!" She then spells "L-O-V-E" on her Glitter Pad and the transformation begins. Clara floats around with her body glowing yellow.  First, her hair glows yellow and grows into two long ponytails. Her hair then turns to a lighter orange and her hair accessories and clover shaped earrings start to appear, as well as her choker. Next, her arm warmers and dress appear as her Glitter Pad attaches itself to her dress. She taps her feet on the ground and her boots appear. Then she taps her chest and her yellow heart-shaped brooch materializes. Finally, her dress ribbon appears and Glitter Clover poses saying her introduction speech.


  • Shield Of Clover - Glitter Clover's main defense. It is the first defensive attack in the Glitter Force Doki Doki series. In the original Japanese version, it’s called Rosetta Wall.
  • Clover Reflection - Glitter Clover's secondary individual attack. It appears in Episode 11. She needs the Glitter Heart Arrow, and her Glitter Charm. She makes a clover-shaped wall that then appears and she uses it for defense. Although Clover Reflection is a defensive attack, the attack is also used for purifying Glitzy Marmalade. In the original Japanese version, it’s called Rosetta Reflection.
  • Clover Balloon - Glitter Clover’s third individual attack performed with Glitter Crystal Mirror. She can summon ribbons of light or a giant Lance.In the original Japanese version, it’s called Rosetta Balloon.

Group Attacks


Glitter Clover’s Power Up

Like her Glitter Force partners, she can power up by herself when she takes the battle seriously, and when this happens, a yellow light glows around her body.


  • She and Mackenzie are the only ones to have the second part of their alter ego names changed in the dub, specifically Cure Rosetta to Glitter Clover and Cure Sword to Glitter Spade.
  • In episode 42 of the original Japanese version, it's revealed that her zodiac is Gemini.
    • Alice's birth date, which is May 28th, was revealed by Yamaguchi Ryota himself via Twitter, however it is unknown whether Clara's birthday is the same as her Japanese counterpart's.
  • Clara and Maya are the only two known to retain their original last names.


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