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Chloe (Aoki Reika in the original Japanese version), is one of the main characters in Glitter Force.

Her alter ego is Glitter Breeze or (Cure Beauty in the Japanese version.) She controls the power of ice.



Chloe has dark blue eyes and chest-length hair worn in the hime (princess) style; straightened hair with the forelocks sometimes bound. At times she will pull her hair up.

Casually, she wears a pale blue dress with navy detail and bodice, a pale indigo jacket worn over it with matching boots. For summer, she wears a light blue and white dress with puffy sleeves, a wide sailor collar and white ribbon on the back, along with light blue Mary-Janes.

Glitter Breeze

As Glitter Breeze, her eyes and hair turn vibrant blue and her hair grows to knee-length, worn with a short straightened segment and four long strands. Her bangs remain the same while her slightly curled forelocks gain gold ornaments. She wears white crown with a blue gem, and a pair of white wings in her hair to match her earrings, along with a dark blue choker. Her short light blue dress has blue and white detail feathered wings decorated with two blue spheres, layered over pale blue ruffles. On the chest is a light blue bow with a gold brooch, and hanging from the back of the skirt is a pair of dark and pale blue coat-tails. She also gains dark blue shorts, white and pale blue toes with a dark blue ribbon, matching her wrist pieces.

Tiara Mode

In Tiara Mode, her tiara turns into a gold crown with gold wings and a blue diamond on it. Her earrings are replaced by gold ribbon-shaped earrings with blue hearts in the center.

Princess Breeze

As Princess Breeze, her hair grows longer and gains more of a curl, while the straightened part becomes wildly spiked and her forelocks straighten. She gains the accessories from Tiara Mode, the wings in her hair turn gold and she gains a halo. Over her outfit is a ruffled pearl blue dress with a ribbon on the back, and a baby blue and white striped ribbon on the chest, where her brooch resides. Her wrist pieces and boots are slightly altered.

Royal Mode

In Royal Mode, Her hair style remains the same as Princess but with more volume. Her gold crown changes in design, gaining two blue diamond gems to accent her new white choker. Her dress colors lighten, and a feathery pearl blue piece covers the chest and hangs down the back, reminiscent of a feathered cape, her brooch resting on a pair of pale blue wings. Her feathered wrist pieces gain a blue gem and ring, while her boots gain a wing-like cuff, with one at knee-length, the other reaching mid-lower leg. She obtains white wings.


When first introduced, Chloe is elegant and quiet, but also quite understanding. She is modest and hates to put anyone through trouble, going so far as to initially refuse any help. Reika is also shown to be quite calm and patient, not even appearing phased as the others told her about joining the Glitter Force, and she tried to politely spare their feelings when refusing their request. She is very responsible and hard working on her studies, clubs, and as a Glitter Force Warrior. She manages to keep her fear in control and remain at ease, even if a little surprised.

In comparison to the other girls, she appeared to be the most accepting as her role as a Glitter Force Warrior, not being surprised in the slightest. In battle, she is usually calm and focused, barely breaking a sweat when defeating her first Buffoon. She also, occasionally, displays an obsession with finding her "path" in life and appears to take her Glitter Force duties quite seriously. She tends to trying determinedly to find an answer, or what to do to (achieve something).


Kelsey - Kelsey seems to respect Chloe, expounding her position as a member of the class committee and school council. She also describes Chloe as being excellent at studies and calls her "Miss Popular".

Emily - Emily surprises Chloe with her easy-going and air-headed behavior but they have a good friendship. She enjoys how helpful Emily is.

April - They are childhood friends and are very close. April is very comfortable around Chloe, often clinging to her when frightened.

Lily - Lily likes Chloe the same way the rest of the team does. There's not much about their relationship during the series. Chloe likes her artworks and fascinated/amazed by how she does her art.

Jared - Reika seems to be good friends with the president since they are on the student council. She appreciates the good things he does.


In Greek, Chloe means "green herb", or "fresh blooming". 

Her Japanese name Aoki means "blue wood", while Reika means "beautiful and elegant". 

Glitter Breeze

Glitter Breeze poses after transformation

"Cool and swift as the winter wind! I'm Glitter Breeze!" 

Glitter Breeze is Chloe's Glitter Force alter ego. She is the blue member of the Glitter Force and controls ice. This gives her the ability to freeze wind and make ice swords for herself.

In Smile Pretty Cure!, her introduction is, "Snowing, falling and gathering, a noble heart! Cure Beauty!" (しんしんと降りつもる清き心!キュアビューティ! Shinshin to furitsumoru kiyoki kokoro! Kyua Byūti!). 


Chloe's Glitter Pact opens. She puts her transformation Glitter Charm into a recess in the Glitter Pact and says, "Insert Glitter Charm!." Then, she says, "Glitter Force Makeover!"  to begin her transformation. A powder puff emerges from the Glitter Pact, and as Chloe grabs it, she says, "Glitter Puff! Apply shades of power!." She blows on the puff which sends bluish white snow glitter. Her boots appear ("Glitter Boots!") Her armbands appears ("Glitter Bands!") Then her outfit appears ("Oh, so cool!") She then twirls around for her hair transformation. Finally, she taps the puff to her cheeks to make blush appear. Glitter Breeze falls straight down from the sky. Upon landing, she shouts her catchphrase and strikes a pose. 


  • Sparkle Blizzard- Glitter Breeze charges her Smile Pact with spirit until it glows. When this happens, the Smile Pact becomes snow and is compressed into a ball, gathering on her right hand. With her free hand, she creates a snowflake and both the ball and snowflake are combined into one. Glitter Breeze, then, releases a beam of ice at her enemies. In the original Japanese version, it is called Beauty Blizzard

Group Attacks

  • Tiara Mode Torrent - The first group attack that she first used with Glitter Lucky, Peace, Spring and Breeze in Episode 11. To perform it, they need to be in Tiara Mode and use their jewel-shaped Glitter Charms. In the original Japanese version it’s called Rainbow Healing.
    • Rainbow Burst - The second group attack, which appears in Episode 20 and requires the use of the Princess Wands while in Princess Mode.
      • Royal Rainbow Burst - An upgraded version of Rainbow Burst. Not only does the Glitter Force need their Princess Wands and to be in Princess Mode, but they also need Candy and the Royal Clock. The attack is first used in Episode 27. For the most part, it retains its name in the original Japanese version, but the version in Episode 40without the Royal Clock is called Ultra Rainbow Burst.
      • Miracle Rainbow Burst - The ultimate version of Rainbow Burst and the Glitter Force's final group attack. For this attack, the Glitter Force must be in Ultra Mode, Candy must be transformed into Queen Candy, and all six must have the Miracle Jewel. It is used for the first and only time in Episode 40.
  • Sparkle Lightning Blizzard - Is the combined attack with Glitter Peace, used on Episode 19 (season 2). The attack can be done, as Glitter Breeze throws a block of ice on the air, and Glitter Peace makes a lightning bolt, which causes the ice to fire up, as the attack is done, the attack could defeat many enemies. In the original Japanese version, it is called Thunder Blizzard.


Tiara Mode

Glitter Breeze's tiara in Tiara Mode

Tiara Mode is a form that Glitter Breeze achieves using her Glitter Pact and the blue diamond Tiara Charm. She first gets this form in episode 11. In this form, Glitter Breeze gains a golden tiara. This form is only used to perform Tiara Mode Torrent so they can kill the blue-nosed buffoons. 

Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Breeze in Glitter Princess Mode

Glitter Princess Mode is a form that Glitter Breeze achieves using her Princess Wand and the blue snowflake Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in episode 20. In this form, Glitter Breeze has the tiara from Tiara Mode, a light blue dress that she wears over her normal outfit, and a golden halo. Additionally, her hair becomes longer and spikier. This form is used to perform Rainbow Burst and Royal Rainbow Burst.

Ultra Power

Ultra Power, also called Ultra Mode, is a form that Glitter Breeze achieves using her Glitter Pact and her ultra Glitter Charm. She first gets this form in Episode 15 (season 2). This form is exactly the same as Glitter Breeze's normal form, with the exception of a blue aura that surrounds her. In this form, Glitter Breeze is much stronger physically and magically, and she can perform Sparkle Blizzard Arrow and Sparkle Lightning Blizzard.

Royal Mode

Royal Mode is a form that Glitter Breeze achieves using her Glitter Pact and her ultra Glitter Charm. In this form, Glitter Breeze gains a feathery overcoat. She first gets this form in Episode 19 (season 2). In this form, Glitter Breeze's physical and magical powers are enhanced even more so than when her Ultra Power is activated. Additionally, she can fly and teleport when in this mode. Glitter Breeze is able to perform Royal Rainbow Burst and Miracle Rainbow Burst while in Royal Mode.


  • Glitter Breeze is the only member of her team to understand her powers for the first time.
  • In the Italian version, her Glitter Force Warrior name is Glitter Blue (Glitter Azzura).
  • She is the only warrior that kept her Japanese tradition from Smile Pretty Cure!.



  • Glitter_Breeze_Transformation

    Glitter Breeze Transformation

    Glitter Breeze’s Transformation


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