Chloe (Reika Aoki in Smile Pretty Cure!), also known as Glitter Breeze (Cure Beauty in Smile Pretty Cure!), is one of the main characters in Glitter Force.



Chloe has long, straight cut navy blue hair. Her bangs are cut at eyebrow length with two pale blue clips at both sides (although it is shown that when she does sports, she ties her hair up in a high ponytail, though it is depicted as a droopy one in some episodes). Her eyes are dark blue. She wears a long light blue dress that reaches past her knees with a long-sleeved blue cardigan, blue socks, and a pair of blue and light blue short boots.

Glitter Breeze

As Glitter Breeze, her hair changes to a different shade with her bangs gaining volume and her forelocks growing in length with a straight curl on end, held by gold ornaments. Her hair grows to knee-length in four separate sections and a layer of choppy straight locks layered behind that reach to her shoulders. She wears a white tiara with a dark blue gem and wings, and gains a dark blue choker and wing earrings. She wears the Glitter Force uniform with flaps at the back similar to Glitter Lucky's. She wears white wrist protectors with dark blue fabric on the wrists, and white boots with a blue end on the toe and above where a dark blue ribbon is tied.


As the student council president, Chloe is a calm, mature, and kind young girl, who is at the top of her class. She doesn’t always know what she wants to do in the future, so she often focuses on her family and friends.


April - They've known each other since childhood, thus they knew each other longer than the rest of the Glitter Force. Whenever April gets scared or needs help, she goes to Chloe.


In Greek, Chloe means "Green herb", or "Fresh blooming".


  • Despite her otherwise immaculate appearance, Chloe often has a strand of hair out of place.
  • Glitter Breeze is the only member of her team to understand her powers for the first time.



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