Bel is one of the villains in Glitter Force Doki Doki.

Bel is the third of the Mercenare Trio that faces the Glitter Force early in the series. He is a bearded man who wears sunglasses. After killing off Leva and Gula for their Janergy, Bel becomes a leader of the Jikochu Trio after having Ira and Mammo wear the Blood Rings he created from the stolen Janergy from the deputies. But Bel later loses the Blood Rings when they are destroyed by the Cures while deposed by Regina's return. In the finale, though he intended to gain a new power by eating a surviving fragment of King Jikochu, Bel ends up becoming a vessel for the Proto Jikochu and is purified back into his true form, a rat, upon the monster's death. His name is derived from Belphegor, the demon representing Sloth.


Based on his name, Bel is one of the cruelest Mercenares. Bel is rude, very selfish and is a servant to King Mercenare. Bel is very selfish for example, he makes Ira and Marmo do all the work for him, he rarely does the job. He also really likes to eat lollipops and is seen eating a green one in some episodes.