Ace Shot is Glitter Ace's first individual purification attack.

How It Works

First she inserts the special Glitter Charm into her transformation device, making the mirror glow. The mirror blasts out a beam of red energy that travels to her hands, forming the Glitter Sparkle Stick as she pushes some lipstick up. After that she twirls the stick and shows it before her. She applies some to her lips and extracts the energy from her lips to her hands, making a heart in the process. Then she aims the stick forwards and shoots a big beam to the enemy.


  • Ace Shot's power comes in 4 colors: red, purple, yellow, and blue. Red purifies the enemy, purple freezes the enemy, yellow wraps vines around the enemy, and blue traps the enemy in a bubble.


Red Ace Shot

Purple Ace Shot

Yellow Ace Shot

Blue Ace Shot